Reggie, the Humble (sort of)

Every time Reggie sings, a Nintendo fanboy gets his wings. So, with that, today something like a thousand people are flying around the globe today clutching their Wii controllers in a fit of joy for this early holiday present:

“Are we feeling good about our success? Do we think we can have more success in the future? Absolutely,” he said during a stuffed 40-minute interview with MTV News in a hotel just south of Central Park. “I do think that highlights a difference between us and our competitors: We’re not arrogant. We don’t view success as a right. We feel we need to earn success every day. And we’re going to do that by being true to the gamer.”

He’s a corporate exec, sure, but it’s amazing how often Nintendo higher ups manage NOT to screw up with their public statements. In this case he’s right, too, given that the risky Wii strategy is going to be an uphill battle even in light of last week’s success. It’s almost … humble. Almost.

UPDATE from the comments: Andrew says, “While the preponderance of evidence suggests you are right, I feel it is my duty as a pragmatist to point out that Nintendo does, in fact, employ Perrin Kaplan.”
That’s an affirmative from me. In addition to her too cozy relationship with certain editors at IGN, Kaplan is, in a word, flaky, at best. DVD? No DVD? Region encoding? No region encoding?

[MTV News, via Go Nintendo]