Wired Magazine’s review of Nintendo 3DS is…

Favorable yet critical:

I’m pretty comfortable saying that the Nintendo 3DS is the best gaming platform the company has ever created: The user experience is quite polished in a variety of ways, and its forward-thinking core feature really does make gaming better. Nintendo will sell a lot of them and glasses-free 3-D will be a big deal in the next generation of gadgets, just like an avalanche of touch screens followed the first DS.
But all that may not be enough to keep smartphones and tablets from siphoning away more and more of the gamers that have long kept Nintendo in charge of the portable gaming world.

WIRED 3-D visuals are true game-changer. Variety of fun, pre-loaded apps. Lots of reasons to carry it around in sleep mode.
TIRED Camera images are low quality. Chews through battery in the blink of an eye. Games start at $40.

Notice the use of “pretty” when describing comfortable. That’s code for “still not sure.”