Reggie on gaming

From the Engadget interview: “Microsoft and Sony strategies are based on overall corporate objectives versus what?’s right for the consumer. That’s a reality. Microsoft is essentially trying to get you to put a PC in your living room because they are fundamentally a PC software company. Sony is trying to get you to put an entertainment hub that has Blu-ray technology because that’s important to their movie business and the rest of their entire electronics business. We are a gaming company. We are gamers at heart. We love creating great, innovative content and superbly designed hardware, that?’s what we do. And with that passion comes a laser like focus to do things that are right for the consumer and right for the business. That’s the fundamental difference in our strategy versus our competition.”

Let’s get this clear, Nintendo is in business to turn a profit. But all biases aside, I believe the marketing man on this one. Some how, some way, Nintendo comes off as having a less bottom-line thinking approach to business, rather prescribing to the belief that profits are an indirect result of serving your primary customer. If you passionatly serve them well, profits will follow.