Shantae: Half-Genie Hero hits Kickstarter



WayForward has announced Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, a new HD game in development seeking funding as a Kickstarter project. If successful the game will release on Wii U eShop, Steam as well as other consoles. If you are wondering why WayForward has decided to crowd fund the game their welcome section will shed some light:


“Over the last 23 years WayForward has developed more than 200 licensed titles, our most recent being Ducktales: Remastered. When circumstances permit, we also make weird and wonderful original games like Shantae and the Mighty Series. 

 In all that time, fan letters, support emails and interviewers have made our most frequently asked question, “Why don’t you guys make more original games?” 

Kickstarter allows us to do just that! With your help we can create a large-scale multi-console game that’s well beyond our usual self-publishing budgets. “


This will be the first time we see Shantae hit the big screen in HD and this game has been a dream project for WayForward for some time now. In order for us to play this beautiful looking 2D game one day the goal of $400,000 needs to be hit.

Are you a fan of Shantae and will you be backing this project? Let us know what you think of this latest in download game Kickstarter projects.

Finally check out the Kickstarter here:

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