Reader Box Art

Infendo reader Frisby took a shot a making his very own Revolution box art concept and sent it our way. Personally, i’m not really into these fan-made box arts, but i think this is the best take on it so far. The grey-on-black Nintendo logo and the isolated signature blue line brings it all together, in my eyes.

Thanks, Friz.


  1. I find it really strange and interesting that now that we know what the controller looks like, people have to speculate and make mock-ups about everything else from the box it will come in to the title screen when you turn it on. lol… so random and pointless.

  2. Well that’s fanship for you. 😉

    Whatever keeps them happy and at least it keeps them off the streets. 🙂

  3. Very Apple-esque.

  4. enough with the box art already, we get the point, its like powerbook, WOW.

  5. Hey Frisby –

    It looks great, but you forgot the VR helmet, hologram projector, and sensory immersion tank.

  6. *cough* black box white system >.> *points to first comment of last post*

    Yay I want this box more ^.^

    mister invisible, no offense, but what ARE you talking about? So confusing >.<

  7. The only problem I have with all the box art mockups is that almost all of them are the exact same idea, just done slightly differently. Only having a few pictures to work with dosen’t helpl either.


    I made this for you. You asked for it and i was modivated to do something.

    Most of the effort was to make the black rev white. The 3-d and the rest was easy


    I was just joking about all the rumored stuff the Revolution is supposed to have, none of which have we seen on a mock-up box. Just being silly.

  10. “Very Apple-esque.”

    Am I the only one who’s really tired of seeing every single new consumer electronics device being compared to Apple’s design? And having the conclusion ALWAYS be “Notice how much it looks like APPLE made this product!!” I’m so tired of it. WE GET IT. Apple’s iPod has influenced the design of electronics. Please stop pointing it out.

    Even worse when there is no obvious “Apple-esque” (i.e. “white”) design anywhere on the product. I like how the color white has now apparently been registered and owned by Apple. Can’t something be white without someone jumping in to say “OMFG IT LOOKS LIKE APPLE!!”

  11. If its huge and bulky its obviously a Microsoft thing.If its small, simple and non intimidating…its obvioulsy apple.

    The fact is simplistic designs are the rage today, unlike the uber busy stuff from the early 90’s and the wanna be futuristic stuff of the 80’s. I for one dig the “less is more” aproach because the focal point is obvious. Your buying a DSlite, so put an effing picture of a DSlite.

    Hardware is glossy these days too. Small and glossy. Apple has sold a kazillion Ipods so naturally someone will say…man that looks like my Ipod.

    For that matter every controller with a D-pad is Nintendo esque. This is so stupid. There are few original concepts or designs original. It looks like the standard of the times, reguardless if apple set the standard.

  12. Yeah, it looks great — because Apple has been using doing this for years!

    How about something…oh, you know… original??

  13. It’s called a trend.

  14. Well since we know Nintendo is listening to us more…it’s nice to see people doing there own thing…

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