Mega Man 9 to have optional 8-bit bugs, sprite flicker

Once upon a time, finding a bug in a game didn’t crash your console or require a firmware update, it just caused some slowdown or sprite flicker. Those were the days, and they were due more to limitations of the system than lazy development. Thankfully, Capcom is going to include them in the upcoming Mega Man 9 WiiWare title, thereby completing its rise to retro awesomeness utterly and completely. Also thankfully, these bugs, which are features, are completely optional.

“Yeah, there were some things, like you couldn’t have more than three enemies on the screen at once, so we had to make sure that that’s how it stayed in our game. In the part with the dragon with the flame, [there should be] flickering, and whatnot,” said Mega Man 9 producer, Hironobu Takeshita. “In the options of this game, you can adjust that, unlike the old games. We purposely put some of those old-school bugs into this game, so it does recreate that feel.”

I can see my Wii Classic Controller flying through the window already. Sweet, sweet challenge.