Kid Icarus Revolution?

In IGN’s recent 10 reasons to wait for the Revolution article, IGN makes claims that you will be able to play Kid Icarus only on the Revolution.

Here’s what IGN said (emphasis added):

If you want to control series hero Link in an all new home console adventure, you can only do it with Nintendo Revolution. And the same is true for all of Nintendo’s major games, from Mario to Pikmin, F-Zero and Kid Icarus. You can only find them on one next generation platform and it’s not Xbox 360

Is this simply retro action through backwards compatibility or is something else in store?


  1. IGN != reliable source

  2. From moment I read the article yesterday I KNEW someone was going to jump on that part.

  3. Actually, I can not remem ber which, but they did say they were bringing back old franchises like Kid Icarus.

    IGN obviously is up with their homework!

    Kid Icarus is finally coming back, hurray ^^

    When Nintendo themselves say they are bringing back Kid Icarus I think its safe for IGN to use that reason.

  4. Here is a link to an image that has been circulating the net. More than likley a fake..not even a real good one, but hey it looks cool.

  5. Typical IGN.

  6. Here is another interesting picture…

  7. When did Nintendo confirm a Revolution Kid Icarus?

  8. Why are we making a big deal of this but not F-Zero or Pikmin? Has Nintendo confirmed either of those? Anyway, I think the comment was hypothetical.

  9. Ppl are wet for Icarus, I don’t know why.

    For some reason, i think the controller lends itself better to an F-Zero than a Mario Kart.

    But seriously, can we wait for official news before starting rumors? Gotta fault IGN a bit. They seem to ask for it with the way they say things sometimes.

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