Reaction to the Zelda Delay

If you’re still hanging on to the possibility that this is a rumor, it’s not (see 2006). Sure. We can commend Nintendo for delaying the game so they can make it better, if not near perfect. But this was their flagship. With that being the case, it’s frustrating to see them not capitalize on their business resources to see the game launch on time.

But hey, we’ll still be anxious to play come next year. We’re just not too excited about 2005 gaming anymore (other than the DS).


  1. Just hold it over for a Revolution release. They have some time to ready it for a release in Fall 2006, and it would make a lot more sense than to release a GC game shortly before the Revolution is out.

    That being said, Nintendo has never made a move that made good business sense.

  2. I’m thinking they planned this out so they can release it on Revolution…

  3. Well at least I’ll have time to play Metroid Echoes 🙂

    The wait will surly be worth it though 🙂

  4. Here’s hoping they will port it to the Revolution. The development kits are said to be fairly similar so…. It would be really cool to have a Zelda game at release or shortly after.

  5. If third party support had been as dire for GC now as it was back at launch, then there would be far fewer of the systems out there. Right now GC interest is at an all time low. TP would have helped things abit IF it had come out before the next gens…

    Go into most gaming or other retail stores and the GC section shrinks more and more every day. Sure there are more GC owners than Rev (cause it’s not out and Nintendo have said next to nothing about it), but theres more NES systems out there than GC too, you don’t see games being published for it anymore.

    Good business sense, hell, half assed business sense or next to no business sense would all point to this game being re-tooled for the Revolution. There should be no question…

    Whats more logical… a last song for GC or a new beginning on Rev? One has a lifespan of months, the other – years.. But of course this is Nintendo we’re talking about and they don’t often think this stuff through fully.

  6. Wouldn’t it not matter though, since the Rev will play GC games. Even if the dev kits are almost the same as GC I doubt they have enough time to port it to Rev (if they plan on releasing Rev around that March 06 time) So it would make more sense to release it as a GC game (at this point) and market it that it can be played on the Rev (if you so choose)

    I don’t know thats my thoughts.

  7. Now a bit of speculation:
    And if TP becomes GC AND Revolution bound?

    It could run on GC but if you put the disk on the revolution it would activate higher definition textures, use better lightning and special effects, boost the draw distance and so on. Just like a PC game looks better with a faster video card.

    The game would have to be made with that in mind, but I think it’s doable.

    But the game becoming only for Revolution, I think it’s highly unlikely. It would be very hard to make it look like a next generation game. They would have to remake all the characters with more poligons. They would have to remake the gameplay to use the new controller’s abilities. And about using more characters on screen, they would have to rebalance all the gameplay so the game is still fun. I don’t think that would be possible until March.

    But Nintendo always surprises us. Hope this time it’s a good surprise.

  8. It might not matter to die-hard Nintendo/Zelda fans.. but ALOT of people will either be looking to Revolution or worse – XBox / PS3 by the time TP is out (if they haven’t already made their mind up now).

    What will be more likely for them? buy a brand new system (which they were planning on anyway) with amazing new capabilities, or Zelda on Gamecube. Yes it will play on Rev but it puts a pretty poor light on Rev. Our best Revolution game is a Gamecube game?

    I know given the choice, as I will be buying Revolution regardless, between a GC version or a Rev. version with just more over-all polish, I’d go for the Rev in a heartbeat.

  9. Releasing two versions, or having both versions in the one box would be great.

    Like I said before, sure they wouldn’t have time to push the machine to it’s limits, but then again most DS and GC games (or games on any other systems) really push the machine to it’s limits.

    They would have plenty of time to prep a Rev. version, increasing texture, view distance and poly count throughout.

    Most 3D development software of today supports multiple poly-count models per ‘character’. Meaning Link would be modeled once at high-poly, then 2-3 or more versions created from that model at lower poly counts.. all animations would be able to be applied to all versions pretty much instantly. I’m pretty sure Nintendo were not short sighted enough to only create models for TP in lower GC capable poly counts.

    If I had been running the team I know I’d have at least 2 people working in tandem on making sure the game was able to make the transition to next Gen ‘just in case’.

  10. I don’t want it for the Revolution. I wanted it for my GameCube in November. This glass is totally half empty…

  11. Okay, here’s a theory, and don’t freak out, give it a try. What it…this is a marketing ploy. Think about it. Look what Nintendo’s been doing with the Revolution. Rumors, Secrets, and scheduling set-back keep people buzzing. Look online, every series Nintendo or gaming site is buzzing off the hook about this game, escpecially not that it’s been set back.

    So imagine that in late November, when the discussion has finally died, Nintendo says, “Hey, the game’s reconstruction went faster and better than anticipated, and it’s coming out in December,”. Everyone freaks out, and all the little Zelda groupies will jump right on it for the holdiay season, terrified that Nintendo might set it back again, and sales go off the roof. Even more so if word starts hitting magazines. Can you imagine next month’s issue’s of all the top gaming magazines when the take this thing public. It’s all just an idea, but try it, think about it. It makes sense.

  12. There’s no way this is a scam. This is costing Ninny millions upon millions in lost revenue and wasted marketing. Also from a business point of view, they can’t release later than January but before the stated 31st March else their financial quater will not balance right.

  13. nintendo’s selling Zelda bundle packs for the Gamecube to help raise sales for the Gamecube.

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