Quality Counts

PC Watch’s recent demolition of the Gameboy Micro is very insightful. From Engadget’s translation: “Nintendo has paid attention to detail in many of the aspects of the device’s construction, such as its overall solid structure, detailed electrical work, and small touches such as stoppers that prevent screws from becoming loose.”

Given the recent recalls of Xbox and PS2 adaptors, it’s nice to hear that Nintendo cares about quality craftsmanship. That should tell you something about the company.

[Source: PC Watch]


  1. Has Nintendo had any “recent” recalls?

  2. None that I know of….
    I think they really make great durable products….
    I saw a game-and-watch at a yard sale some weeks ago…busted as can be…..but it worked perfectly…..
    I think they always went for durability, that is why I like them so much.
    I won’t spend a couple of hundred bucks on a machine that I might break in no time…

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