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Next Generation has a nice article on Nintendo and why they are always listed after Sony and Microsoft (Sony, Microsoft, & Nintendo always seems to be the order). They say that if anyone can truly revolutionize the gaming industry, it’s Nintendo.

I kindly disagree with the last paragraph in the article though. Remember mass media, Nintendo is the most cash rich (excluding OS software) and profitable of the big three.

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  1. Yeah it is interesting, that the most profitable company is always mentioned last…
    Interesting read…
    Thanks for bringing attention to it 😀

  2. PSP catch up to the DS? This guys insane. And im getting sick of people refering to the PSP as “sexy”. WTF is wrong with this country?

  3. You know, a lot of people that post here are very smart. While Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo fans will always bicker, I enjoy reading everyone’s thoughts and opinions.

    I like how the comment above mine suggests mixing the so-called “kiddy” elements in some of Nintendo’s games with the “dark” elements in some Sony and Microsoft games (and a few Nintendo games, as well).

    You are absolutely right, there is no “one way” to go when designing games. There will always be (and always have to be) both “kiddy” yet, fun, games along with the dark, more “mature” games.

    I don’t like when people call Nintendo kiddy. Don’t forget that there ARE still kids out there, and parents that don’t want their kids playing these violent games.

    Sure, a Hello Kitty game is kiddy, but.. Nintendo intended the game FOR kids, not for their more mature fans.

    So yes, Nintendo IS kiddy – for kids.

    Interesting speculation, also…

    I’m a bit afraid that with all the speculation, when Nintendo reveals its controller (which is supposed to contain the ‘revolutionary’ aspect of gaming) — it will almost feel like a letdown.

    Well, not a letdown, just that.. people are now expecting so much with all their speculation. I mean I know many people are just speculating for fun, which is cool, but some people are taking it a bit too far. I highly doubt the Revolution will contain 3D hollograms. Come on people, don’t get carried away.

    Anyway, what I’m saying is, there has been so much speculation now that I bet someone has created a damn-close version of what Nintendo has in store. Therefore, the ACTUAL controller won’t feel as much like a surprise.

    But, that’s inevitable, and I’ll still be damn excited when I see the controller, anyway.

    AKA, a year ago, gyroscopic functions would have blown away many people (not the whole world, but certainly, a good amount of people, myself included) — Now, it’s as if everyone is EXPECTING gyroscopic functions and that if Nintendo delivers anything less, people will be pissed off.

    But really, they should be pissed at themselves for creating such speculation.

    Personally, though, I think gyroscopes WILL be ONE of the Revolution’s features. Just one.

    Still though, I’m nearly positive that there is at least one small feature Nintendo has in store that no one has thought about yet…

    We shall find out before the year ends!

  4. I found the article really interesting. I think the marketing campaigns that each system has for the next gen. is really interesting. I do have to say, that Nintendo should be named first simply based on it’s heritage. The idea that Sony and Microsoft would even have gaming without Nintendo is ludicrous. Nintendo invented home consoles, and as far as I’m concerned, they’re still the true gaming king. The discussion about the PSP out-selling the DS is also interesting. I have a DS, and I love it like a child, but realistically I wouldn’t be surprised if after the europe release of the PSP, it outsells the DS. I only anticipate this to last for a while. I think the PSP is total crap and a complete money stealing trap. Give a year, and I bet that the PSP see’s sales going down hill. The DS will survive for the time with games like Nintendogs, and then eventually will be the only portable. By the way, I just started my own blog spot, and am looking for interesting people to discuss all area’s of Gaming. So please come and put in your word.

  5. That article was somewhat true. I do beleive that if it completley bombed it could be Nintendo’s last, but it won’t bomb. I see Nintendo turing into a Niche company purely for gamers. I see the competitors turning their systems into computers on your tv, that also plays games. That ladder obviously appeals to more people, but in that they may loose sight of what it’s really about, the games. This of course will cause the games to suffer, and they’ll be stuck playing crappy games while were laughing at them having fun on Nintendol

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