Punch-Out!! floors critics, cracks Wii top ten

Forget the split decision. Little Mac has knocked out the critics.

With an average review score of 8.9 out of 10 on Metacritic, Punch-Out!! has nudged the newly released Boom Blox Bash Party and cult classic Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure out of their spots among the Wii’s ten most critically acclaimed games of all-time.

Metacritic aggregates reviews from Web and print media for average scores. As of today, the Punch-Out!! rating is based on 23 reviews.

An overdue revival of Nintendo’s revered NES and SNES franchise, Punch-Out!! released to retail this week and we’ve absolutely loved it. Now we’re asking you—does Punch-Out!! belong among Wii’s elite?

10 Responses to Punch-Out!! floors critics, cracks Wii top ten

  1. RoyalRook says:

    I got the game on day one and I loved it. Especially the new exhibition/practice feature, it’s perfect because you can choose to beat your opponent straight up or after learning their openings so you can protect your perfect record.

  2. Kale says:

    I think it’s fantastic. I’m simply thrilled with how well they kept the original game’s formula in tact. The presentation is near-perfect and the gameplay is smooth as silk. No, the game’s not perfect, but it’s the coolest thing I’ve played on Wii since De Blob. Wish I didn’t have so much work to do at the moment or I’d love to spend this entire 3-day weekend glued to the game.

  3. srkelley says:

    I guess I’m in the minority here. I keep seeing this game and while it looks good. It looks to be low on real content and it looks like it won’t last too long because of the patterns.

  4. Verius says:

    It definetly has the makings of a great game. havnt got a copy yet but probably will soon.

  5. droop4 says:

    @ SrKelley-

    The problem with your statement is that the original punchout and its sequel already proved it wrong. They last quite a while regardless of thier apparent shallowness.

  6. Kannon says:

    Multiplayer is a blast.

  7. gojiguy says:


    I used to be in your boat but the idea of the game grew on me. And trust me, it’s not low content (or at least, challenge). It’s hard enough to get the world title, let alone keep it. ; )

  8. tylor says:

    SrKelley: play it, then you’ll see.

    i bought it day one. i love it and will continue to for a long time. it’s worthy, very worthy.

  9. Muggins says:

    I picked this one up last week – having never played a punch out game before. It’s an awesome game, i’d recommend it to anyone.

  10. Used Cisco says:

    Let me say for those who don’t know, the fighters are not the same as the original. Their patterns are different. Ok, so glass Joe is about the same but after Von Kaiser, everything changes. Yes, there are similarities, but you won’t be able to run through this just because you remember Tysons Punchout. I played that game to no end and beat Tyson dozens of times without using the code and yet this game still has me stumped. I brought the Wii to our Memorial day party and everyone played the hell outta Punchout!!. Me and another guy who used to have the original NES Punchout were up till 2 AM both nights working though the fighters. Great tigers Tiger Punch is completely different for example. We spent hours working on Super Macho Man trying to get down his patterns and figuring out what worked. We finally beat him at 1AM and cheered so loudly we woke some of the kids up! This game is a blast whether you played the original or not, but don’t worry about it being easy or lack of content. It’s not easy and there is tons of content. Great game. Best $50 I’ve spent in months!

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