PSP vs DS Spin

Yet another game site hypes up this bogus battle between the PSP and DS, and… Surprise, both portables are winners (according to them)! IGN writes: “Nintendo and Sony, for all their competition, can take heart in the fact that the time and money invested into their handheld battle has at least had the effect of destroying all the other competition in record time, from the Zodiac to the Gizmondo to the N-Gage.”

Don’t get me wrong, the PSP has some good games (w/ load times mind you). But I think using the word their in the above statement discredits what the DS has done for gamers, non-gamers, and the industry as a whole. It was Nintendo that blew the handheld competition away this past year, not Sony, much to the same way that the PS2 blew the ‘Cube and Xbox away in terms of marketshare over the past several years. But the DS stole the PSP’s spotlight long ago and has been tanning under it ever since.

Yeah, I’ll say it, you’re on a subjective Nintendo site. But tearing down the IGN handheld spin only gets easier in lieu of the dismal UMD sales announced today. I’ll gladly pay $100 bucks to the first major game site to acknowledge that the DS is “winning” when it comes to games.