PSP Outselling DS in US

According to PSP World, the PSP shipped approximately 250,000 units in May compared to only 57,000 DS units in the same month. Combined with the GBA, Nintendo faired better than Sony, but hopefully that bundle action will pick up sales here stateside. It should be interesting to see if Nintendogs has the same effect here as it did in Japan.

[Source: PSP World]


  1. hmmm…well…first the name of the Magazine is PSP World…I don’t know the mag, but that sounds biased 😉
    second it is about units shipped, not those soled…and it is just one month….
    I think the bundle and NintenDogs will have a huge effect on DS sales everywhere…..NintenDogs really is a Killer-App….

  2. Well, mabey the American Public is as stupid as I thought.

  3. Sturek, they got the info from

  4. I also heard the PS3 is going to be a hundred times more powerful than the human brain!

    I know!

    But sreiously: These figures may be true, but I doubt it’ll last. Nintendogs will shift a helluva lot of DSs, and with recognised franchises like Resident Evil, Advance Wars and Mario Kart et al making their way to the DS, there is going to be a great incentive for gamers to pick up a DS.

    I could be wrong though, Sony does have an exocet of a marketing machine.

    Although I do think that the GBM will be outselling the PSP every quarter when it’s released. I’m predicting big things for that little guy.

  5. I think the DS will do well, despite this.

  6. if this shipping report is accurate and its numbers correspond to the number of units sold this is very bad news indeed.

    does anyone know of any other report of this kind?

  7. Hey, relax people!

    PSP started from a base of 0 in the US less than 4 months ago (excepting Japanese imports).

    OF-COURSE it’s going to sell loads – as had happened in Japan.

    Let’s just see how things pan out in the medium to long-term before we start panicking eh?

    Does anyone have cumulative sales totals for Japan/US?

  8. Well, these sales are from May. The DS being outsold a little over a month after the launch of the PSP isn’t really suprising. Anyway, even if the DS is being outsold, it’s still not doing bad. And hey, it’s still responsible for 30.54% of console sales in Japan.

  9. Well based on NPD Sales data that did not have the full sales for the DS only a combined number for NDS/GBA I find this a biased statement. But how much of the number below is actually the GBA and the GBA:SP and the DS?

    May Sales
    PSP = 250,000
    PS2 = 273,000
    Xbox = 129,000
    GCN = 50,000
    GBA/DS = 279,000

  10. I plan to buy a DS as soon as new colors(like the ones in japan) are available. i just dont really like the platinum and the blue one.

  11. i’m buying one when it’s black, and i have more info on zelda ds

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