DS Thoughts

Since starting Infendo, we’ve paid a lot of attention to the GameCube, Revolution speculation, and a little GBA love. What about the DS though? Having played the thing, I must say it is pretty cool. That said, I’m a little unsure what to think of it. I have a good friend that has been a Nintendophile his whole life, and bought one the day it came out. Sadly to say, he has recently sold his DS on ebay due to a lack of software titles.

Do you think Nintendo missed the boat with DS? If so, why? I’m still perplexed about the whole DS thing though cause apparently it’s selling like hotcakes, or should I say, fish and chips over in Europe (fastest selling gaming system of all time there!). It even seems to be out selling PSP in most areas.

That leads me to ask: what do portable gamers really want? I know the reason I love the GBA SP is that it fits my lifestyle. I rarely have time to sit through an entire game and to be quite honest, most of them aren’t worth sitting though without getting bored. With the GBA, I fire it up, play for a few minutes, and then be done with it. Maybe it’s just me, but i think Nintendo is trying to address what a lot of gamers feel with their whole Revolution strategy. Not all, but a good portion. I’ve even heard that Nintendo refrains from releasing blockbuster titles during the summer to keep kids active. If that’s true, that’s something pretty class and cool for a company of their size to be concerned with.