Jet Black DS Lite Comes to Japan

I really don’t understand how Nintendo is able to ship out new DSes when they can’t seem to restock the old ones, but come the beginning of September, the previously Europe-only Jet Black DS Lite will be available in Japan. This brings the Japanese DS Lite rainbow to five colors. Lately I’ve seen a lot of people on trains rocking their black SPs and DS originals, so I’m guessing this model will actually sell very well in Japan with the salary man/not secure enough with their masculinity to have a girly color crowd. Unlike the soon to be released royal pink DS Lite, the jet black DS Lite is not being released on the same day as any big DS titles, but late July Releases Nintendo DS Browser and Mario Baske(tball) Three on Three will be hard not to pick up on your way to get the shiny black gizmo.