PS3 Design: Not Bad

Surprisingly nice. Much, much better than the 360’s rank design. Let’s hope Nintendo makes a show this week though (as I knock on wood). Has anyone but me noticed that PS has used the same controller since ’95? I guess that will be around fifteen years by the time this generation is up.

(I know this is a Nintendo blog, but you gotta cover your competitors to keep moving forward.)


  1. I wish they would have left the controller completely the same. This one looks SO dumb. Is that a boomerang or is it supposed to be the Batmobile’s steering wheel?

    These complaints have to be voiced in order for Sony to change that hunk of junk before it gets released.

  2. lmfao!

    that is the ugliest controller i have ever seen… and yeah i think whever made this picture was thinking of the last time he/she saw the Batman Car’s Steering Weel! hahahaha

    Very nice but too junked to be true 🙂

    The controllers should stay the same, so far, the confiest controllers i have ever had on my hands…. Xbox’s sux and Game Cube’s hurt ur hand fast…..

  3. sony will get scared and change the controller back to the original design sans wires

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