Nintendo brand to take a backseat with Wii?

Nintendo Life has found and interesting little idiosyncrasy with the Nintendo brand and how it will or won’t be used next to brand Wii in marketing materials.

From the article: “Know that Nintendo wants you to refer to their new system simply as ‘Wii’, not ‘Nintendo Wii’… We didn’t think too much to this until recently we saw a full cover jacket for upcoming game The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy… See how long it takes you to spot the word ‘Nintendo’ or the classic red logo. With this in mind, this is a Midway published game. We’d still expected Nintendo’s first party titles to sport a classic Nintendo logo on the front.”

Maybe, maybe not. I know most adults still associate the word Nintendo with something for children. If that’s the case, the name Nintendo won’t ever be able to shed the adolescent stigma to reach non-gamers. Maybe a lone Wii can…