Wii restocking – Why on Sundays?

Like practically every other Sunday, Target is rumored to have a fresh supply of Wiis this weekend. Again the lines will form, the stores will open, some will get a system, and many won’t. But why hold stock and why Sunday?

I was asked this question buy someone trying to buy a system for his kids since before Christmas. He still doesn’t have one and he stopped trying. He said he’ll wait until they’re “just normally available” and easier to acquire. It wasn’t so much waiting in line or getting up early that bothered him. It was the day of the week. He couldn’t manage getting up at 6, going to Target, waiting till 8, coming home, wrangling his kids into nice clothes, and then heading to church.

He’s not the only person I’ve heard this from, either. It seems that Nintendo (or the retailers) choosing Sunday is alienating some church-going game fans. Obviously it doesn’t really matter to Nintendo, since they are still selling out every Wii shipment.

Has the choice of Sunday for Wii restocking made it difficult or impossible for you to acquire one? Why do you think they picked this day over any other?