Does Zelda need an overhaul?

Link looking
CVG thinks so: “We think if Nintendo is to strike the right balance between changing Zelda enough to refresh the franchise and keeping enough of its traditions so as to maintain its heritage and please loyal fans, it needs only to look at its chubby mascot: Mario. With every Mario game that comes along, Nintendo tries to do something inventive, unique and pioneering. ”

Oddly, having played Zelda: Phantom Menace Hourglass, I’m strangely not even interested. Not jaded, just didn’t dig on what I played at E3 last year. However, I ran into the same thing with Metroid Prime Hunters. I hated it for the first 15 minutes due to the controls. I even wanted to CRUSH it! But after I got used to it, I loved it. Hopefully Phantom Hourglass does the same and gives Link a nice little dose of freshness.

[via Slashdot]