Project Treasure Island Z gets grandiose name change

Treasure Island Z is now a kid's cartoonOne of the more interesting titles slated to hit the Wii is Project Treasure Island Z, for no other reason than it has a slight chance of inducing in me a nostalgia trip of epic proportions. Of Monkey Island proportions, to be precise.

The project name for the title was sterile and cold, however, to say the least. Like a hospital. And not a dramariffic hospital like the one in Grey’s Anatomy. Just a cold, dead and lime green painted hospital. But no more! Now it’s Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure!

Says Joystiq: “It’s undoubtedly an improvement, especially from a marketing perspective. A glance at the name tells us all we need to know: The game stars two wacky and lovable characters. You know, just like Jak & Daxter, Sonic & Mario and, err, Kane & Lynch! It involves a quest! For treasure! That belongs to someone else! This is sure to be a major hit with the GTA crowd.”

Ugh. It morphed from a Monkey Island revival piece into a Saturday morning cartoon. Maybe I was reading into this one a tad too much.