Could this be the Wii U controller dock?

Wii U charging dockA Neogaf user recently posted a patent drawing that shows what appears to be a charging dock for the Wii U controller.

Judging from the patent, the design would work in the same fashion as the Nintendo 3DS charging dock. In addition, the design of the Wii U controller looks unchanged from the version we were introduced to at E3 2011. No surprise, but Nintendo could easily make some alterations.

So, if the Wii U controller will need a charging dock, does this solidify the possibility of only ONE controller being used for one Wii U console? Discuss!

9 Responses to Could this be the Wii U controller dock?

  1. wakko1337 says:

    I don’t understand why a charger would indicate they’re only going to have one controller.

  2. Blaise says:

    It doesn’t solidify anything in regards to the amount of tablets each system may or may not use. Honestly, I’m expecting only two tablets will be able to be used at once per system; however, only one tablet will be packaged with the actual system.

    If Nintendo only makes the Wii U compatible with one tablet, it will be a pretty silly gaffe on their part, and will give fans an immediate reason to criticize the system upon its release.

    My question is, unless this stand is used in a way similar to the stand for Kid Icarus on 3DS, why do we need a charging dock? I never used my 3DS charging dock, it’s not required. If Nintendo does this with the Wii U controller it will be wasteful. Why produce all of that unnecessary plastic? It will be inexpensive for a company as big as Nintendo, but the cost will add up compared to leaving the idea out completely.

    Did you see the Wii U Zapper yet? That patent can definitely serve a purpose.

  3. Harrison says:

    The reason I bring up the one Wii U tablet for one console bit is because of the supposed production cost of the device. With dev kits rumored to still being wired, it did bring a bit of concern for me. It may sound like a useless question, but I live for discussion when blogging. I’m not saying you all are wrong. What I’m stating is that does this patent drawing give us anymore clues to what’s in store for the controller?

    Just thinking about this has me and probably all of you excited for E3 next month.

  4. The Adza says:

    I can see this being used as a stand and charge cradle, say someone is watching TV in the loungeroom, and you can watch something on one of the streaming services in a bedroom or something without worrying about the controller going flat.

    Not really a clue as to how many controllers the console will support. But I would say Nintendo will be mainly pushing for one per console. If it does allow more than one, I think the games graphical
    Quality would have to be downgraded to push so many graphics around the TV and then to two or more controllers if they were used as multi view for the games. Should be easier if say the screen controllers were only showing maps or inventory screens.

  5. Hitokiri_Ace says:

    Nah, now if they said the system itself was a wireless charging dock for the Nintablet.. Then ya, maybe only 1. A dock though? Nah, just something we all saw coming.

  6. Mustache Killer says:

    It just looks like a way to use the controller so that one can watch something without having to hold it. It doesn’t really seem to be a charger. As for the 1 or more controller situation. I only see it valid to have more than one for say a football game sadly. from what I have seen of the console it looks as if you only need one tablet controller in use at a time. I wish more people would understand that and not want to make it into something they want. We can’t control what creative people put out for us. It’s their vision not ours. I hope you only use one at a time. All that battery power all ready seems crazy. Four wii remotes and a tablet. what more could we want?

  7. Nfanboy says:

    This could be really cool.

    If that device allows you to use the Utab as a standalone console.

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