Preemptive Predictions

Two analysts from Piper Jaffray have projected that Xbox 360 will lead the PlayStation 3 with system sales through 2008. The reason you should care about this is that they also said the 360’s userbase by then will be four times the size of Revolution’s. Kinda nuts if you ask me, when so many developers are psyched for Revolution’s prospects and so many are ditching the PS3. Further, putting on your Nostradamus cap and foreshadowing a console’s future is way off-base when only one platform has even been played by anyone. And that playable console hasn’t been getting a lot of attention as of late.

Wait till everything’s out and final, people.

[by Rollin]


  1. It even sounds like some online retailers have been experiencing cancellations of 360 pre-orders. The thing cost’s like $700 with a game…

  2. As always say Anal-ysts know nothing.

  3. They probably thought the that the Nintendo DS was gonna fail but NO they were wrong so who cares about what they say we will see soon.

  4. i agree that the 360 will lead PS3 in sales, but having four times the userbase size as of Revolution’s? it’s hardly possible IMHO.
    a lot, and by a lot i mean A LOT, of people are going to get Revolution. Nintendo fans aside, most of those people are XBox fans. the XBox-Revolution combination seems to be so popular so far.
    In addition to that, I can certainly see my mom and my brother (who hates video games and was amazed by the new controller) playing Revolution games in the future, while i can’t even imagine them play a game on XBox 360 or PS3.
    On top of that, Nintendo is trying to make the console affordable even for non-gamers. I mean, if you have the money to buy a PS3, you can buy the 360 with a Revolution plus some extra stuff instead.

    Long story short, four times the userbase is just hard to believe and even harder to imagine.

  5. This expert predicts 3 million revolutions sold by 2008? what are they smoking?

    Even if the revolution did far poorer than the Gamecube (unlikely) it would still smash that number… smells fishy if you ask me.

    Apart from getting to market first, I don’t know why anyone would want an XBox.

    The PS3 has all the power and capable of playing high def DVD, I’m sure purchasing a blue-ray player will be close to the cost of a PS3, at least for the next 2-3 years..
    While the Revolution should be on-par with the 360’s power but offer lots of cool new ways of gaming. I can see many people owning a PS3 and Revolution, but can’t see the big XBox appeal.

  6. I think hd-dvd will be the more popular medium in the dvd wars.not just because i dont like sony, i think the mass market will take to it much more than blu-ray.remember betamax? well, anyways i will be getting the 360 revolution combo too, nothing sony has had for 6 years has excited me…. i doubt that will change.

  7. That prediction is absurd, I think it is more wishful thinking on Microsofts side, I also think what ever crystal ball they are using to see these futures, they need to get ti tuned up or replaced, cause it is obvioulsy broken.

  8. The kid looks stressed

  9. anyone heard of paid advertisement? analysts have families too, give them a few $$$ and they say whatever you want.

  10. Maybe the PS3 was too ahead of it’s time. Developers should have gotten used to multicore development BEFORE adding an insane 7 SPU cores. We’ve barely jumped into 2 or 3 for PC developers. I don’t think the graphics are an issue, it’s that Kutaragi’s starting to push developers to peak performance to “choke out” the competition.

  11. Analysts…..
    I don’t believe a word they’re saying.
    IF the 360 sells better than the PS3 I’d be suprised….I hope so, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen…
    And the Rev will do just fine and there’s nothing some strange analyst can do about it.
    Oh BTW: I’m back 😀

  12. I think 360’s gonna have a sell out on November 22nd. Don’t underestimate it, guys. Those prices aren’t exactly inexpensive, but being the only kid on the block helps.

  13. Everyone wants to be “the one” who’s prediction was the correct one about the Revolution, hence all of the unfounded commentary, criticisms, etc. It’s the same way with commentators in sports who say a team “will have no chance this Sunday” and then that team wins against all odds. In my opinion, and this is going to sound like uber-cheesey fanboy stuff, but this is akin to the Wright brothers, but for video games. Is that fanboy enough for ya? It really is hit or miss, but if you look at the Nintendo history with innovation, they literally wrote the book that these “powerhouse” consoles from Sony and MS use today.

    Anyway, I’d suggest the wait and see attitude suggested by Infendo here in this post. I mean, why would you want to look to the uncertain future when DS is kicking so much ass right now?

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