Mortal Kombat Creator On The Rev-mote

Regarding playability with the new Revolution controller, Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon had this to say: “It’s like your holding a television remote and you have that directional pad and you have a big A button next to it. But there’s not five or six buttons to give you all of these functions, so maybe they will compensate but tilting one way for blocking or another way for attack. But that is so dramatically different. So it will either be one of the biggest hits in the world or a big failure. I certainly hope it does well.”

[via Revolution Lifestyle]


  1. Duh. He’s a One hit wonder. you can’t give tools like that to guys like him. he could poke himself in the eye trying to make it work for Mortal Kombat, a game few care about anymore other than the Blood and fatalities it had. That’s the problem with the Spotlight, most turds are the ones that like being in the news and most of the time, they don’t listen when they tell them “hey everyone thinks you suck, and can’t make another hit, what’s your opinion about it?”

  2. Stuff like that is what the shell would be used for. But if someone did make a fighter that used the remote it could be very good.
    Here’s my imagining of it.
    B-kick, A-Punch Hold the button and flick your wrist in the direction your hitting, high middle or low.
    The joystick moves the character, and the shoulder buttons block and grab.

    it’d have a steep learning curve but it’d be pretty intuitive and unique as hell, hopefully not in a bad way.

  3. Ed Boon, who hasn’t had an original thought in almost 20 years, looks at a new way to control videogames and draws a blank. Hopefully, Boon’s archaic world view won’t be the dominant one in coming years. Just imagine if we all got duped into thinking that the only way to play a game is with a rollerball, we’d have missed out on so much. Kinda like all the little kids who’ve only played an FPS with dual analogue sticks.

  4. He’s retarded, there are two Z buttons on the nunchaku device, the large A, trigger B and all four directional pad buttons. Hm, 8 buttons aren’t enough? What an asshat.

    Next quote from him in response, “But its toooo hard…” (while sobbing)

  5. I just see look at Fight Night Round 2 and 3- Total Punch Control, using the right analog stick. Well, the remote would take place of that. Holding A would control punches, when you held B and motioned it would be Kicks- holding the left hand shoulder buttons would be to block and evade.

    It wouldn’t just be “Block” anymore, it would be “Upper Right block”. You can do so much more with just 4 buttons.

  6. “So it will either be one of the biggest hits in the world or a big failure. I certainly hope it does well.”

    Where did that last part come from? lol. Now alot of these post look silly when it now looks like he actually wants the controller to do well.

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