Nintendo, Hype, and the Competition

It’s obvious that with the unveiling of the Revolution Controller, Nintendo would be on the rise with search indexes. “Nintendo Revolution” was the fourth most gaining searched subject on Google last week. While this is promising news for the company, what can be done to keep this momentum?

It appears the hype of the controller lived up to it’s unveiling, but Nintendo still has an uphill battle. They need to unveil the most important half of the equation; playable games not just concepts. They will need to “wow” gamers and media yet again if they wish to stay in the driver seat.

How will this recent interest in Nintendo affect the 360’s launch in late November? According to Forbes, Microsoft has lost 4 billion on Xbox. Four. Billion. Dollars. That just looks ugly on any balance sheet, even for a company of their size. It’s looking like they need to do something fast if they wish to have a successful launch. If they don’t, how long will Billsoft stay in the game?

All in all, every one of the major three players in the industry has it’s challenges, Sony included. It’s shaping up to be an exciting next generation where more than ever the market share could shift. Only this time, it appears that Nintendo is better prepared by differentiating itself and the competition can only take notice. They obviously have with recent statements by Peter Moore and other developers.

Kiddie or not, Nintendo is making money, they’ve got money, and they’ve recently announced an interface that could change how the industry plays games and makes money. As a Nintendo enthusiast, and for gaming’s sake, here’s hoping it does.

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