Gifts from Itoi

The Mother 3 gifts keep unwrapping on the official site. This week, Shigesato Itoi has given us 3 new, wonderfully 2D-licious screens and shots of the Mother 3 edition GBMicro. Follow the source to get a look at the box and screens.

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  1. You know, I really love all these custom-made faceplates for the micro that have been coming out of Japan with some of the high-profile games (there’s a really beautiful one for Final Fantasy IV).

    But it is really dissapointing that one can only get the faceplates by buying the special edition micro! So what happens if you already have a micro? Can you buy the faceplates separately? Shouldn’t Nintendo publish a special packaged edition of some games that come with the game and only the faceplates, for those of us who already have the micro?

    Nintendo, please share the love!!

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