Functional Design?

From RRC: “[The Revolution] will come with a silver stand that makes the system a welcome, artistic component of any multimedia setup, whether it’s displayed vertically or horizontally.”

While I believe the Revolution stand is just a design choice, and a nifty one at that, could it contain any hidden functionality? Does the controller’s 3D space work better when the system is tilted via the stand? This is probably over analysis, but alas, it’s a minor unknown in a sea of unknowns.

What do you think?

[Source: Rev Resource Center]


  1. Memory expansions galore!

  2. Actually it’s nothing but a stand. The controller’s functionality lies in the two small pieces that go on each side of the tv.

  3. The most obvious and, dare I say, most probable: Since the console will almost certainly be stored anywhere lower than chest height, the tilt will make it easier to interact with the front panel, making access to the power and disc slot more ergonomic.

  4. I think what is strange is that Nintendo has confirmed that Digital Projectors work with the Revolution which means if you have a projector and a white wall or whatever you can still use the controller by aiming at the plain wall that the game is being projected at. I always thought that the controller would require a TV screen to be played but I guess not.

  5. its a secret nuclear device…

  6. As much as I’d love to speculate I’m sure it’s just a chunk of plastic made to make your Rev look slicker standing up.

  7. Disabled ramp?

    *I remember this being suggested on UKR some time ago, made me laugh*

  8. Quoting Kevin:
    I always thought that the controller would require a TV screen to be played but I guess not.

    The controller doesn’t interact with the TV screen, but rather with sensors that will be placed near the screen. This will let you use any old TV, HDTV, projector, and I believe they said it would even be compatible with computer monitors.

  9. Have they released any pics of those sensors yet?

  10. Nope.

  11. I can’t tell you how many Nintendo fanboys I’ve tried to convince about the sensors on the Nintendo forums. The most common response is:

    “OMG what about Duck Hunt!!1! U didn’t need ne sensors for that LOLZ”

    I then had to calmly explain about some of the differences between CRT TVs and projected images. I thought it was obvious that there would be some kind of sensor from the moment they said it would work with non-CRT displays.

    And while having accessories built in to the stand would be cool, I doubt that it will happen

  12. hey… has anyone seen pics with the revolution stand facing the opposite side picured on the topic screen… if so, maybe it has so capabiltity for plug ins or so so … just commenting

  13. yeah, and maybe like on the bottom it would have a wireless charger, like the revolution would hook into the stand like a high tech tooth-brush hooks into its battery stand… hmmm

  14. yep, actually if you watch the iwata keynote at e3, the revolution gets plugged into the stand, the silver stand is plugged into an outlet. i think the stand charging the revolution is very likely, as it has already been hinted that the rev will be low power, and won’t be a home or mobile console.

  15. The cords were going into the system, not the stand. And if u plug the stand in, what’s the point? U’d have to keep it there anyway. In the picture above, the stand’s front and side is showing. At E3, the other dide is showing. The back part is very small and thin. Nothing’s there.

  16. very small and thin. Nothing’s there… man you gotta stop dissin yourself… The Rev hooks into the bottom get over it

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