Pre-Nintendo Direct News?


As I surfed the web today, in search of Nintendo news, I was immediately reminded that APPLE owns today.  Almost every web search resulted in at least three of the top five articles referencing APPLE and the iPhone 5, although I did find one article on leaked Wii U specs (we have been there before, so I figured I would wait until the real deal tomorrow).

So, I took my search to Twitter…

Now Twitter was a bit different, but not much.  Sure I was inundated with iPhone 5 posts, but I also noted an excessive number of cat related posts.  So, I have come to the conclusion that today is owned by APPLE and cats.  Due to their tyrannical reign over my news feeds today, I will just leave you with this video…















I guess I spoke too soon, that Reggie must have seen my post go u and thought he would pull a fast one on me.  The below video is a friendly reminder about the Nintendo Direct tomorrow.  Only those with the link to the video can see it, so I thought I would share!









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