Pre-Nintendo Direct News?


As I surfed the web today, in search of Nintendo news, I was immediately reminded that APPLE owns today.  Almost every web search resulted in at least three of the top five articles referencing APPLE and the iPhone 5, although I did find one article on leaked Wii U specs (we have been there before, so I figured I would wait until the real deal tomorrow).

So, I took my search to Twitter…

Now Twitter was a bit different, but not much.  Sure I was inundated with iPhone 5 posts, but I also noted an excessive number of cat related posts.  So, I have come to the conclusion that today is owned by APPLE and cats.  Due to their tyrannical reign over my news feeds today, I will just leave you with this video…















I guess I spoke too soon, that Reggie must have seen my post go u and thought he would pull a fast one on me.  The below video is a friendly reminder about the Nintendo Direct tomorrow.  Only those with the link to the video can see it, so I thought I would share!









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  1. Very nice, I’m looking forward to tomorrow! I’m guessing WiiU will cost $249 w/WiiU tablet of course. $299 with an included 320GB HDD.

    Today is kinda Apple’s day, but as a lover of technology, I’m watching it too. I’m not gonna get the iPhone, but, I like to see tech. getting pushed forwards, regardless who is doing what.

  2. Apple would probably sue anyone who released news on the same day as them.

  3. LOL! Cats and Apple do, indeed, own today…or at least they own the internet.

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