Apple eating into portable Nintendo sales?


When Max Batch wants to play a video game, he turns to his Apple Inc. iPhone.

The 22-year-old German has shunned hand-held consoles such as Sony Corp.’s PSP and Nintendo Co.’s DS, joining a growing number of people who use their smartphones for online and other games, eroding sales of the dedicated handsets.

“It’s not worth having a hand-held,” said Batch, who spends about 2 euros a month on mobile-phone games and tried out Sony’s Playstation Portable at the Gamescom fair in Cologne, Germany, last month. “I have an iPhone and when I want to play, I download something from the app store.”

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  1. Remind me to never ask Max Batch for a good game recommendation.

  2. 2$ per months on game? That’s like a “real” game every two years…

  3. And how long do these games keep getting played?

    The only two games I have kept is Pix N Rush and Angry Birds for my wife. Nintendo will have to find ways of keeping their market, was the 3DS at Gamescom? Didn’t think so, so this articles focus on this guy doesn’t hold much water

  4. The full article quotes sales statistics from just 2010 and Apr-Jun.

    During this time period, the iPhone 4 and the iPad would have been released, which may have exaggerated iP* game sales (“Hey, I got an iPad! Aw ****! It’s useless! Just a big iPod. I know: I’ll buy that air hockey game and play that on it. Yeah! Wee! Fun! Look at me and my iPad! Come on, look at me! LOOK AT ME!”).

    Also, the 3DS was rumored and announced during this period. Who really wants to get a DS if a better one is coming out soon.

  5. Rob –

    Gotta say, the iPad’s a blast. I don’t own one yet, but after spending many hours with a sibling’s I’ve put it on my list. As a combo word processor/web browser/Netflix viewer/music player/drawing pad/photo album…it’s a lot of fun. It’s my next laptop.

    But–with the exception of word games (which it excels at)–I won’t be using it for much gaming (unless Rollercoaster Tycoon is ported over). That’s what my DS is for, and I’ll be pre-ordering the 3DS as soon as I can.

  6. It’s cool 3DS will cream Apple! 😀

  7. One thing to remember when it comes to iphone/smartphone gaming vs. DS or other portable systems is that the people who use their phones for games aren’t what you would think of as “gamers”. These are the people that would not buy a DS in the first place. They don’t buy phones as gaming devices, but buy the occasional game to play on their phones just because they can and it’s a good way to pass the time when on a bus, waiting room, etc.

    Portable gaming has its fanbase and I seriously doubt any DS owner or someone planning on buying the 3DS, like myself, is going to ditch that for iphone, ipad games.

    I have an Android phone and like to play games on it, but it doesn’t even compare to playing on a game system.

  8. (disclaimer: I don’t have access and have not read the original bloomberg article).

    Max seems about right to me. At 22 I had stopped playing on my Collecovision and NES and had moved on to other things (I can’t remember exactly but it may have been um… a career, and umm, serious dating).

    Granted when I was 22 there were no handheld gaming systems. Or ipods. Or cell phones for that matter.

  9. yeah but are the smart phones 3d??? nope and as long as you have innovation and an edge you will still see handhelds in the market place as a stand alone device. i for one do not want to recieve calls whilst playing ocorina of time in 3d awesomeness…