Possible Controller Shell?

Back in July, this picture surfaced as yet another “leaked” Revolution controller. The only strange aspect of the picture was the large black space on the controller. It was theorized that it could be a touch-screen, but this picture was decried as fake and quickly forgotten. However, in hindsight, doesn’t it look a lot like an early controller shell prototype?

[Source: Falafelkid]


  1. Huh..your right…there seems to be some things that were cited as fake coming back with some sense of truth…

  2. Yea, the idiot didn’t even think that the d-pad is in the wrong spot….

  3. Huh… it could very well be an early prototyp.e Still, it’d be nice if the buttons used a more traditional layout like in the SNES instead of the regular GC scheme (especially for traditional fighters). Still, it does look like that could be the space for the shell. The D-pad spacing is a bit odd but since the main controller itself features a d-pad, maybe the reason it’s there are for the games that require it since you may not need the analog stick as much (what with gyration still enabled within the shell and all).

    Very interestin,g just a few more months and we’ll probably know the truth at E3.

  4. The large black space in the center is where you dock the Rev controller.

  5. This has to be real…

    The rev remote can dock itself in the large black space. And if you notice that if it was inserted, the start and select buttons should be visible.

  6. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a shell that matched the style of the revmote?

  7. “The large black space in the center is where you dock the Rev controller.”

    “The rev remote can dock itself in the large black space.”

    Thank you, Captain(s) Obvious.

  8. Didn’t Nintendo say the controller shell would be similar to the wavebird? Seems pretty close to me…

  9. I think when Nintendo said the Wavebird thing they might have just been name-checking their most successful controller… You know, to get people excited.

  10. As soon as I heard about the shell I thought back to this pic also. There very well might be some truth to it.

  11. Notice the analog stick layout is much more like playstation controllers which could be a sign they want to compete directly with ps3 this go round, whether they admit it or not.

  12. Hmmmm. i want to make a fake controller mock up to mess with people but I dont have quite the skill to make it look real and/or believeable soo…RAIDAL BLUR ATTACK.

    also..if it has a hole, than the Remote for the Revolution would obviously go therethere…no no, it has to be.

    Newsroom @ Infendo

    2 readers know only “Anonymous” have had there Nintendo Revolution Remotes removed from their rectom earlier today.

    When asked why they forced the remotes up there butts one responded,”Its a hole, so your supossed to be able to dock your REVmote into it, LOL. But man that rumble feature kicks ass”.

    The other person know under the same alias stated that “Nintendo will pay for their rouse, oh yes. Dockable controller my ass” And the puns go on from there Rollin, back to you Blake.

  13. Nice Infendo Theatre! *applause* ^_^

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