And then there were three

This just goes without saying. Very nice art depicting the Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft “battle.” Via Flickr.


  1. That must be from back when Microsoft just entered the gaming wars. Quite funny..quite.

  2. this looks a little too hopeful for nintendo. the fragbox, er, xbox is a great machine with some great games and it sold better than the cube has. nintendo may be mad, but im not sure mr. gates is all too intimidated.

    wish i could be more of a fanboy for nintendo, but i <3 my xbox. i <3 xbox live.

    yeah- im psyched for the revolution and ds lite, but lets not act like anyone has microsoft running scared. sony is late out of the gate and no one even knows what type of system and live service they’ll offer- or at what price. and nintendo has stated they want a different market than xbox wants.

    so yeah, the pic is nice, but not terribly meaningful.

  3. What the hell are you dong on a Nintendo blog then??? go post ur shit on an xbox (boring)blog, the Xbox outsold nintendo by a fraction, though nintendo sold more units at launch. Keep in mind xbox beat gamecube only in U.S., nintendo doesnt just profit from U.S. so other than deep thinkin about xbox on Infendo, go deep think with your xbox, or ill make you deepthrought mario like that pic shows!

  4. haha- enter the fanboy.

    just thought id mention that (shock!) you can like the xbox and still be a nintendo fan.

    thanks for the feedback anon!

  5. Ignore the fanboy. A real fan acknowledges that the other systems have strong points. I don’t care much about how many other people buy my system…as long as Nintendo churns out good games I’m happy.
    Speaking of churning out good games…they could churn a little faster on Zelda.

  6. Yeah, MS sold more X on US, but the Cube is still selling more even than the X360 at Japan. Ok, two different markets, but had to point it 😛

    Don’t feel the same while playing a game on the X360 and the cube. The last one has so many good games (I love to play Ninty titles), and the first was kind of disapointing, the games aren’t that better graphically. I was expecting more. Hope things become better, or they will force a new generation in three years (you know, MS has a lot of money to throw away). And what I really care is the Revolution. Waiting that one!!

    Go Ninty, go!!


  7. Nice artwork but I agree, not particularly meaningful….I’m sure Bill is crying all the way to the bank.

    I still thinking Nintendo will far, far outstrip the competition this time round. Yes I am a fanboy but I’m also a reasonably good brand/strategy person and Nintendo have the only compelling and coherent strategy.

    I saw the queues of senior citizens in Japan looking to get brain-training and a DS. You will also see me as a 34 year old male lining up for Metroid, AC, Zelda and all the rest.

    You will NEVER see anyone by 18-35 year olds lining up for an XBOX or PS3.

    There are a hell of a lot more older people than younger poeple in the world. So yeah, erm, go NIntendo.

    Oh – does anyone know how many iQues were sold in China? It sort of dropped of the radard….

  8. “I’m sure Bill is crying all the way to the bank.”

    Oh really? Yeah, maybe to declare bankruptcy after the Xbox cost Microsoft $4 billion dollars, seeing as MS took a hit on EVERY SINGLE Xbox sold. Fanboy or not, there is simply no arguing that the Xbox would be considered an utter disaster if anyone but Microsoft was backing it up. It lost MS BILLIONS of dollars, but people just shrug and say “Eh, it’s Microsoft, it’s sand off a beach.” While that may be the case, it doesn’t change the fact that the Xbox was a miserable failure in terms of doing what it’s supposed to do, which is to make Microsoft money. As it is, the Xbox has essentially been nothing but an investment in a future that they HOPE will eventually be profitable.

    I still find it hilarious how people think that Microsoft are actually beating Nintendo. Sure, they sold more units… big deal when you’re going into the red with every console you sell. At least Nintendo makes profit on their products.

  9. Bloody hell all rationality seems to have been thrown out of the window! 0_0′

    *steps well clear of the battle going on*

    Anyway this definitely looks like a pic just before Microsoft entered the console market. Quite amusing as well.

  10. Hey, Anon Fanboy. Wake up. The Xbox did for MS exactly what they meant it to do, which is to establish a brand and a fanbase. They worry about profits later. If they were as doomed as you want to believe, they would’ve left the Xbox to die 2 years ago and called it a generation.

    In console wars in the past, when was the profit card ever thrown out? Never, cause now it’s just a last ditch defense for you and your fanboy brethren to pretend that things aren’t the way they are. What you should do is stop bitching and play the games you want to, not what games or company your idiot loyalty tells you to support.

    Pry yourself away from message boards once in a while, you might learn something about the real state of the industry.

  11. One more thing, in reference to our anonymous fanboy’s 1st comment:

    This isn’t a Nintendo blog- this is Infendo. Infendo’s doors are open to everyone. Do you know how boring and mundane it would be if everyone here were like you? I’d cave my head in with a GameCube if it was. (Matter of fact, i almost did just cause of you.) Unlike most other Nin sites, ppl actually have disagreements and arguments here. If you have a problem with that, then you shouldn’t bother with the comments section.

    This is a marketplace of free ideas. We don’t slay or banish ppl for not sharing our opinions, we encourage differing POVs. If you don’t support that, we don’t support you. It seems it’s you that doesn’t belong here, not Deepthought.

    Grow up or shut up.

  12. Incredible the next picture should have been Mario stepping on gates with some red splatter coming out from the bottom of the shoe!

    Vive Le Revolution

  13. Wow Rollin, that rant felt very familiar…

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