Canadian Micro TV Spot

It looks like everwhere but the US gets good Nintendo commercials. Here’s a spot for a Canadian Micro commercial. It’s edgy and funny, but it also gives me the creeps.


  1. lmoa thats a funny and good commercial, but doesnt that seem to go against how nintendo is all for family fun? but man o man do i wish they played that commercial in the states…does canada have its own division of nintendo in it like NOA..only for canada?

  2. Makes me oh so proud to be from the Great White North 🙂

  3. I LOVE Canada =D I saw that ad in BC so funny the first time, but gets more and more desturbing if you see it too many times.

    I really hope no animals were harmed…..

  4. How awesome is that commercial! As i type this, the American one is airing on tv…Wow, props to Nintendo Canada. That will never air here. Never. The thing with this, though, is that it doesn’t really depict the Micro as a fashion accessory, which is the aim of it in the States. This Canadian spot is just a really well executed traditional game-related commercial.

    This thing rivals the Smash Bros 64 one.

  5. Yeah it is amusing, but it look more focus on those who already have a Game Boy or PlayStation 2 vs those who don’t even play games anymore.

    The US commercial reminds me of the McDonald commercials that are also on, aimed at young adults/teens who don’t eat fast food as much as McDs like them to.

  6. Speaking of Micro… this little bit has been making the rounds:

    Now, reactive or LCD faceplates would certainly sell me… but the comment said something about an antenna jack… Could the Micro be some sort of input device for Revolution? A smart NES controller perhaps? It’s far fetched and probably nothing, but once again it’s fun to speculate with Nintendo.

  7. There’s no power running through it. Maybe it needs the part from the faceplat that goes in there to activate? Whatever it is, it’s exciting. I hope it is indeed a secret.

  8. It has been speculated that it is in fact a small dial for adjusting the screen contrast. That would make sense, since the unit it connects to has power through it, but no poer on the actual contact point.

  9. The commercial is funny and all, but what I really like is that I.D. thing at the end where they show a pupil opening way the hell up while the “eat a mushroom” sound from SMB plays. That’s the true goodness.

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