Poll – new Zelda at E3


We chatted a little bit about it on the podcast, but now we’ll put it to a vote:


Share your theories, conspiracies, and whatever insider info you might have in our comments!


  1. Its gonna be there, with headtracking.

  2. Optimism Vs. Pessimism… Who will win?

  3. no way
    Too early…

    I have the feeling that the true Zelda Wii has bee in development for a while now though…
    but its still too early.

  4. I still think it’s too soon too. I expect only to see one big announcement for each of casual, hardcore, and hardware.

    The big casual game will be Animal Crossing Wii, and the big hardcore game will be Kid Icarus Wii. The big hardware announcement will be the storage solution.

  5. Okay, I think there will be one, but it’ll probably be a watered-down version, like Four Swords, not a “full fledged” Zelda.

  6. Nintendo has stated that they are reducing the pre-release hype train for new releases (leading many short-sighted trolls to speculate that they will have nothing to show at E3). I don’t expect to hear news about any Nintendo game that is more than 6 months from release, even Zelda!

    I, for one, am glad to hear it. Nothing worse than anticipating a game for three years, only to be let down by Twilight Princess.

  7. I do have hope they will preview screenshots or even mention a new Zelda at E3.
    But I do know how software development occurs at Nintendo, and even though it’s been 2 years since Twilight Princess was released for the Wii, it sounds about the right time to announce the development of the game (it’s probably in Alpha stage now), and start to get people excited about it.
    So we won’t see a ton of screenshots, gameplay, etc. They’ll save that for E3 2009!

  8. I voted Yes, but only because I think that there will be a teaser trailer with a 2010 date.

    AND/OR we will see some sort of Wii Ware game in the Zelda universe, probably Four Swords.

  9. @ rdaneel72

    You sound like all the Wind Waker haters that talked crap on it for looking cartoony and wanted them to go back to a grown up Link a la Ocarina of Time. Then a few years later when they did go back you say “WW was great, one of my favorites, and I always liked it” (liar). Now you say Twilight Princess sucked, except in a few years when the next one comes out and you don’t like it as much as the older concepts you’ll pretend that you always were on the bandwagon. I don’t see what the problem is with this game. I thoroughly enjoyed TP and in no way was let down. Wind Waker was unique and a very great game that’s why I bought Phantom Hour Glass to get that feeling back of the first time you set sail, but there was nothing wrong with TP it was a classic formula and worked great. If you were let down you have some crazy high expectations of a video game. Nothing would satisfy you short of being sucked into Hyrule and completing the quest in person.

  10. animal crossing isn’t a casual game.

  11. Actraiser, why are you such a douche?

  12. Sorry Mister Lee I didn’t think anything I wrote was that mean. If he is allowed to comment on a game someone else likes, one should be able to defend it as well. That’s what I thought a forum was a place to express one’s ideas and debate about it. Some will agree others won’t, but I didn’t insult him personally, so my apologies if I came off douchey 🙂

  13. @Actraiser (RE: Johnny Lee): Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn!

    Seriously, though, this is a no-douche zone. Just because he didn’t like TP it doesn’t mean … well, any of the crap you were talking about. It’s awesome that you liked TP, but don’t be a jack ass about it.

    And rdaneel72 is right about Nintendo’s policy of not over-hyping a game. But I still think it would be cool and effective if they had at the end of a reel a Triforce with 2010 under it.

  14. I hope they say at least a small statement about Zelda at E3! I know Hourglass came out in only November, but im one of those fans who needs something new every once in a while. espeally Zelda!

  15. we already got our watered-down Zelda for this generation…Link’s Crossbow Training!

  16. There should be a “I hope so” option lol

  17. I don’t honestly know. I’ve heard a few rumours going around left and right. One of them included the coming back of Midna, which I’m sorry, I really don’t wamt if it does happen. As much as I adore TP (Still my favourite game) I really don’t see the ned for another sequel-sequel. Time for Hyrule to jump another hundred or so years and for everyone to of magically forgotten about Midna and all of that business.

    On another note, what would you like to see in the next Zelda? I think that is a big question if we’re realy giong to discuss the release of a new one. I personally would like to see link take on the skies, seems logical, OoT had Epona, MM had Time Travel/Horse, WW/PH had Sailing and TP had you turning into a wolf. Don’t know about the rest of you but, yeah, I’d like to fly in a Zelda game now. But, none of that on Rails BS.

    These are just my suggestions, if anyone agrees or disagrees feel free to e-mail me at wikkid_pr3pster@hotmail.com


  18. Zelda + Airships? 😮

  19. Actraiser, you are welcome to like Twilight Princess. It is a fine game, for a third-party action adventure. But it falls short for a Zelda game.

    My distaste for TP is well-documented on these intertubes. I just played through it again recently, and my opinion stands. I don’t expect it to change in the future. Your prediction is unfounded.

    However, Wind Waker always has been, and still is, one of my favorites.

  20. If there is one coming out this year, it is probably another spin-off.
    Maybe the rumored ‘play as Zelda’ Zelda game.

  21. Nope. No Zelda this E3, but I want more Midna.

  22. A zelda for WII Ware perhaps???? Or another for virtual console?
    But my guess would be wiiware

  23. man- i feel like a traitor! i really don’t care cause, like others, i’ve been too let down by zelda.

    4 years ago just this post’s speculation would have had me drooling. i remember watching the TP trailer over and over and over as soon as it was available. but the game never did it for me. i was shocked at how quickly i lost interest.

    i think we wont see another zelda. at least i hope not. i really think they need to rethink the series and bring it up to par with today’s video game storytelling methods. i thought TP’s storytelling was on the same level of OoT. Which was great in 98. Less so in 2008. I want them to rethink character development and player involvement in the story and then bring the series back. So, wishfully and wistfully, I’m voting no to a new full scale wii zelda game..

  24. @ Deepthought,

    I agree with this thinking. Nintendo needs to sit back and really look at Zelda from a different way. I am getting a bit tired of the Zelda series. There is no need to rush a game like Zelda, Nintendo needs to take their sweet time. But in the past nintendo has announced a new Zelda within a year and half of the previous Zelda game, so there is no telling when we will hear about the next zelda. Check out the Zelda release time line.


  25. I’d camp out for another Zelda game along the lines of Twilight Princess, but if it follows the style of Windwaker I’m going to cry a little inside.

  26. Those voting yes are going to be in a world of disappointment.

  27. No Zelda Wii seen yet, only a port. Furthermore, they are running out of 1st party titles for the Wii, almost everything has had a Wii release. So yes, we will see a new Zelda next year, announced at E3 2008.

  28. I think that the Zelda formula of “Get Y in Dungeon X”, “Use Y in said dungeon” and “Destroy Boss with Y” is getting a bit old. Or the games are not hard enough. One or the other is not doing it for me.

    That is the reason why I disliked TP and WW. They were too easy might be the answer. MM I played AFTER WW and I enjoyed it. So maybe it is the difficulty issue.

    After beating WW or TP you don’t feel like you accomplished anything, simply because it was not so hard. However with OoT or MM, I always feel “Damn I did a good job!”

    If they do announce a new one [which I don’t think they will, too soon] they better make it tough as nails. And something involving the Gerudo race, they are my favourite out of all the people of the Zelda Universe. 😉

  29. I am going to say it will again be only one for the generation

  30. The “Next Month” page in the new Nintendo Power shows a cartoony looking sword in a mound….. So I think it might be a Zelda game, albeit a Wind Waker type game graphically, which I don’t mind at all. I liked every Zelda game regardless of Sprites, Cell-Shading, or Polygon. After OoT though, it would be nice to not always have a water board with Zoras or a Fire board with the rock things (name is slipping my mind right now)

  31. I think IGN said in their most recent podcast that Retro is going to be showing off at E3 (I’m listening to it now, but haven’t gotten to the Retro part yet). The rumor is Retro is working on a Zelda title, according to Surfer Girl who, I shall remind you, was spot on about BG&E2, among other things.

    So if Retro is going to be at E3, I’d say there’s a very good chance of Zelda showing up.

  32. I doubt that they will announce a new Zelda this soon after TP and PH, unless, as has been mentioned, it’s more of a spin-off type title as opposed to a full fledged Zelda epic.

    On the issue of TP I too was dissapointed. This wasn’t because it was a bad game, quite the contrary, it was freakin’ awesome. But despite trying not to, I bought into the hype and thought it was going to be an Ocarina beater and it wasn’t. I too thought Wind Waker was a better game but Twilight Princess is still one of my favourite games of all time – it just wasn’t as slap you in the face punch you in the crotch fantastic as I was expecting it to be.

    What I would like to see from a new Zelda when it comes out is a new entry in the timeline at the newest point – that way it will give them the opportunity to play around and be a lot more creative without having to worry about tying it in too much. Something I’ve always wanted to see since the announcement of Horse Back combat as well is a full scale war. Imagine a Gerudo attack on Hyrule Castle (led by the son of Gannondorf). The Hylian army rides out to meet them, with Link in the ranks, and a massive battle ensues on Hyrule Field. Would be a great way to kick the game off, or even as a prelude to the final showdown with Gannondorf JR.

    As for E3, I reckon Kid Icarus could be the big hardcore title announced (hopefully it will be extremely dark and gothic – imagine Tim Burton doing a computer game :P) and Animal crossing will be the casual one. Either way it will be interesting to see what Nintendo do announce, they’ve had a really strong showing the past couple of years I hope they can continue that trend.

  33. I would love a new Zelda game. Especially one that is like a massive online adventure game. With content you can download as well(New dungeons, weapons, clothings, yunayme-it…) using you wii points. Also why not while were at it… Put the new Zelda in the future instead with advance technology and all.
    hell they could even call it “Zelda Galaxy”!! lmao. Where planets are dungeons or world whatever… There’s lot’s of potential there…

  34. I really hope there will be one announced, but who knows.

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