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April Fools: Pokemon to be Launch Title for Nintendo 3DS



As we’re all enjoying our Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver, the world can’t help but squeeze additional information out about the next Pokemon iteration rumored to be hitting Japan later this year. Yesterday, the rumor mill spit out several different tidbits that make just about any Pokemaniac do somersaults all the way to the Pokemon Center.

  1. Nintendo 3DS! – Pokemon Generation 5 will indeed be, as was speculated, a launch title for the Nintendo 3DS.
  2. Transfer Your Pokemon – The game will be backwards compatible with the GBA and DS versions of the game, allowing you to transfer your Pokemon to your new game in a mechanic similar to the Pal Park (although there may be new gameplay elements involved).
  3. Pokemon in 3D – Gen5 will significantly increase the graphics of the game, and will therefore be in full 3D graphics, much like the jump Mario & Zelda made to 3D on the Nintendo 64. Battles will also be 3D, much like Pokemon Battle Revolution.
  4. Customize Your Avatar – Rumor has it, you’ll be able to customize your own avatar. Start from a basic template and create yourself.
  5. New Pokemon Type to be Introduced – This one was a surprize. We haven’t seen a new type thrown into Pokemon for a very long time. This will bring the total type count to 18.
  6. New Gameplay Mechanics – Developers are talking about a complete overhaul in some of the game’s basic mechanics.
  7. Starters to be Announced in May – CoroCoro Magazine will be announcing the new starters in the May issue of their magazine. Something to look forward to!
  8. Three Regions – And you thought having both Johto and Kanto in this game was awesome. This game will feature a new region of its own, as well as two yet-to-be announced regions. The speculation is that they will be Hoenn and Sinnoh.

If that doesn’t get you all gitty, I don’t know what will. I know that I’ll be picking up both the 3DS and Pokemon on Day 1. In a day like today, isn’t it nice to have a piece of reliable news?


  1. =( Stop making up really awesome stories.

  2. Pokemon 3DS!!! Are you kidding me! I’m so happy! It’s a good thing it’s not April 1st or I’d…wait

  3. My skeptical appearence can’t hide how much I’d like this to be true…

  4. my eyes, my eyes have seen true glory, i wonder what the new type could possibly be though, perhaps demon? its the only thing i can think and it does kind of tie in with the look of the new legendary, but i guess it is really just a speculation lol

  5. Why does this torturous day exist?

  6. Funny.

    I was caught hook, line, and sinker. Until the last line. Then my eyes were opened and the disappointment set in.

  7. I think this is stupid. It may be an April fools, but what’s the point if there’s actually not an unfathomable chance of this actually coming true. Maybe not launch, but otherwise… You may as well suggest that Retro’s making a Pilotwings game for the launch of the 3DS. There, you’ve heard it here first. Totally a tease and a bit out there, but hey, with this degree of unknowns about the system it could very well be true. A pointless experiment.

  8. I actually believed this until I was reminded what day it was. The problem is this is actually completely believable. If it were true, what would the 18th type even be? They’ve pretty much tapped the well on different elements. Sound type?

  9. Also, SAMUS ARAN GETS NAKED IN METRoID OTHER M!!!!1 I’ve seen it.

  10. @elmer

    You’re just mad cause I gotcha! 🙂

  11. hehehehehehee

  12. i didn’t read the last line until just now -,- curses

  13. No one shall EVER ‘get’ me on this, the day of jest and tomfoolery… well, maybe for a second or two…or ten.

    Shut up. You’re dumb. I’m going to my room. Humph.

  14. that’s just mean..

  15. when i first was skimming the headlines, i was like…”hmm this must be a hoax” but then i read it…still skeptical…yet still amazed…until that final line. curses, foiled again

  16. Bleh. This article makes it seem like you’re making fun of people who like Pokemon.

  17. I don’t believe anything anyone says today. I shouldn’t even be looking at gaming news sites, they’re the worst on April Fool’s Day.

  18. Whoa. The names for the new games have just been revealed by CoroCoro:

    Pokemon Black and White.

    Also just accidentally leaked: Pokemon MagmaRuby and AquaSapphire are currently in development.

  19. Sounds like an April Fool’s day joke. I won’t believe it until better proof.

  20. 1. 3DS
    2. Compatible with GBA games

    You should have thought that over better.

  21. The headline was believable. The rest… not so much. I distinctly remember how proud Game Freak was that they integrated the 3D graphics into their game for Diamond and Pearl while still retaining the traditional look and feel to the game. Which is awesome. I hope they never go away from little colorful, pixelated people.

  22. Wow first April Fool’s joke to get me, but it gets me the day after since I took down my guard. Bravo, but a few people pointed out good reasons why it doesn’t work.