Pokémon GO update 0.33.0 first impressions

Pokémon GO update 0.33.0 first impressions

Almost immediately after posting about the update that I couldn’t have, lo and behold as I opened up the app Store to see if I had any updates waiting for me, there it was.

So far Pokémon GO update 0.33.0 isn’t exactly world changing; at least now I can put my phone into battery saver mode to save my precious battery life. Aside from that, stability seems to be the key improvement.

It is nice to know if there are any wild Pokémon close to a Pokéstop that may be nearby, but unfortunately since I live in a more rural area, those notifications do not come often.

It’s good to see Niantic working towards a better product though. Here’s to hoping more updates will be coming fast and furious.

What do you think of the Pokémon GO update 0.33.0?

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