Pokemon Black and White Versions Announced for DS



Nintendo has officially announced the names for the next generation in the Pokemon series: Pokemon Black and Pokemon White. According to Joystiq’s translation, developers are promising that “every aspect will be reborn innovatively.” We don’t know much more than that, but those who were hopeful that Gen 5 will be a launch title for the 3DS may be disappointed. It may be just me, but Black and White, along with the promise to revamp the majority of the game, seems like a new dawn for the series. I’m pretty optimistic for the future changes. We should know more by April 15th, and you can bet Sean Buckley’s prized Caterpie that we’ll be covering this as it happens.



  1. Surprised when checking out other gaming sites, pepole were saying theres already a controversy of nintendo being insesitive to race for the new pokemon titles. Really!? Wow, didnt think pepole would say that about pokemon games. But i forgot its the internet, the place where pepole can be stupid with everything 😀

  2. The “Pokemon Yellow/Emerald/Platinum”-style third version that is actually how the first two should have been of Black/White will probably be a 3DS launch title.

  3. It looks already epic to me! I’m really curious about those major revamps!

  4. Here’s hoping the series begins to ‘grow up’ a little as an RPG. Pokemon is great, and the flavor of the series is decidedly kid-friendly, but here’s hoping there is a little more in the game to keep older audiences playing.

  5. Omg you have to kidding me!!! I was totally joking when the 5th gen was announced and I said, “Ooh yes, Pokemon Black and Pokemon White!” I seriously had no idea, just a lucky guess! Or maybe Nintendo saw my post and said decided it was a great idea! :p

  6. Predictions for 6th Gen: Pokemon Cordite and Pokemon Benzedium

  7. Not a fan…..

    Just thought I’d get that out there….

  8. I’m going to wait for the inevitable Pokemon Gray or possibly Pokemon Ska version.

  9. Wow…right after they released HeartGold and SoulSilver. Couldn’t they have waited a little bit longer, like E3 maybe?

    Also, they should wait and have this be a 3DS release title. It would certainly boost sales, which every company should hope to achieve when launching a new (and technically, untested) piece of hardware.

  10. I’m getting Pokemon black. I always get the cool version and the third release. Blue/Silver/Sapphire/Diamond/Soul Silver/Black.

    Just saying. My stance has been posted first before we have any real information to go by. And I raised my voice to the waters of Infendo and saw the site be split between black and white!

  11. My prediction: Integrated Wii console game: Pokemon gray. It will come out at roughly the same time and all three games (Black, white, and gray) will be released on their new systems: 3DS and Wii3D.

  12. Gen 6 name prediction: Pokemon Purple and Orange!

  13. Really, Pokemon needs to grow up? The games with a cemetary tower, a scientific abomination that destroys the lab and presumably everyone in it, leaving the ruins for you to explore, peoples’ homes get wiped out by a volcanic eruption, a terrorist syndicate setting off bombs in lakes and leaving the pokemon in them to die, performing bizarre experiments on pokemon so they can use them to call forth Gods from beyond space and time, Darkrai, who causes terrifying nightmares just by being nearby, and Giratina, who lives alone in virtual nothingness. Yeah, Pokemon really needs to grow up.

  14. Awesome! 3 badges left to get in Kanto on SoulSilver, loving every minute of it. Can’t wait for the new games, Pokemon needs an evolution, hopefully it’ll come with gen5!

  15. @CZsWorld

    I said the exact same thing two weeks ago when they did their April Fools’ joke! How did we know?

  16. oh, lemme guess on what the 3rd one will be when the remake like they did for yellow, crystal, etc. Pokemon Gray Version!!! lol but i like this because they are going back to plain colors than some rediculous treasure like topaz. Im hoping this would be a 3DS and DS release, kinda like twilight princess (although twilight princess was originally for gamecube i think but got pushed back). the 3DS would have better visuals of course but still, i would buy it on ds.

  17. Sounds interesting…I wonder if they’ll let you play as the dark side (team rocket!) in these versions 😮 That would be new.
    Also, the dark starters should be different…Like fighting/dark/psychic.

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