Pokemon Bank now available in Europe and North America

I like to think that all of you lovely readers depend on Infendo for your news, and today we have some breaking news! Though Europe has been lucky to have the Pokemon Bank available for more than a day now, North American 3DS owners can finally download the long-awaited application from the eShop, making it available in all western territories. Do we have any happy fans out there? Or was the long delay enough to keep you unhappy?

4 Responses to Pokemon Bank now available in Europe and North America

  1. Rakim Reid says:

    Oh my God!!! YOU MADE MY DAY!!!

  2. MikeIsaPoet says:

    Of course THE DAY after I said on the podcast that “Nintendo has been way too silent,” they release it.

    Thanks for making my comments obsolete, Nintendo. Love you guys.

  3. The Adza says:

    It has rekindled my interest in the game again. The original date would have been better because I was just starting to tire of the game, and really wanted my older pokemon in the new game, and I didn’t play it since end of last year until it was finally released the other day. Although my Shaymin and Arceus not being able to be transferred has soured it a little bit more. I shouldn’t really complain, as while they weren’t hacked pokemon, I had to hack the older gen 4 games to get them. So I shouldn’t really have them anyway, but Gamefreak themselves had the Pokemon locked in the game away from people, they still should be allowed through. Oh well, hopefully someone will trade me a Shaymin somewhere down the line. It’s just so cute. I want one so bad (in real life).

  4. MikeIsaPoet says:

    Now that it’s finally out, I’ve got the shiny charm! WOO!

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