Piling on: More Wii endorsements

From Gamasutra’s “Question of the Week” (Are Games Industry Professionals Buying PlayStation 3 or Wii?):

As a video game professional, are you buying a Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo’s Wii or both on their North American launch later next week? How are you securing your console (eBay, pre-order, queue?), and what underpinned your buying decision?

Interestingly, of the professionals we surveyed, the significant majority of them were more excited about Nintendo’s Wii, and were intending to buy that console first. However, the PS3 wasn’t left out entirely, and some curmudgeonly responders even insisted that they would buy nothing at all.

Genuine excitement on the part of developers for a Nintendo console is a great thing for Nintendo (obviously) and also for the industry, seeing as more support for a broad range of systems means better games for all. I, for one, welcome the developers to the light, Wiimote-controlled side of the force. One could argue that there are literally no PS3’s to buy right now, and that those who do get one get shot, and that is why people want to buy a Wii, but puh-shaw to that –this is good news for future Wii software.