Pile of Nintendo loot check

Unless you wait until New Year’s to open your holiday loot, most of you have probably unwrapped, unmasked, played to death or otherwise pantsed your Nintendo loot (or any other non-gaming related loot I care little to nothing about).

So, what’s your hoard look like? Does Super Mario Bros. sit atop the heap thanks to a Virtual Console purchase? Maybe the Elebits are beaming their way into the heart of the pile? Maybe you just got coal. Personally, I was the proud recipient of Elite Beat Agents, Portrait of Ruin, Madden, and 2000 Wii Points that have remained in plastic packaging stasis until I can do a little more VC homework. I’m the kind of person who likes to hold off from using gift cards for a few months, but that’s just me.

How ’bout you?