We totally botched yesterday’s news, everyone. Sorry about that. I think that was the first time in almost 8-9 months we’ve gone a weekday without a post. Hopefully it won’t happen again, but if so, we’ll get the Infendo Genie to whip us in shape.

Also, be on the look out for Infendo Bios coming very soon, starting with yours truly. Music, work, interests, flickr/delicious/rss feeds, the works. Hopefully it will build a little more community around these parts.

Thanks to all the readers out there, and if this is your first time stopping by, welcome.


  1. Hey, Friday counts as weekend!

    Sorry folks. ^_^

  2. Well as long as you get the RSS feed fixed all is forgiven!

  3. Hey it’s cool. No problem. It was a slow news day anyway.


    How about a new poll? The Game of the Year has been up for a while. I love seeing what Infendo readers think about different topics.

  4. I agree, a new poll is in order.

  5. I second the RSS comment. I don’t mind blindly visiting your awesome site, but knowing when a new story is up is even better.

  6. Sorry you guys, I’ve been sick all week!

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