On The Radar

Here’s some games were excited about to round out 2005.

GC – Fire Emblem, FIFA ’06, Battalion Wars, P.O.P. 3
DS – Electroplankton, Castlevania, Lost in Blue, Mario Kart, New Super Mario Bros. (maybe?)
GBA – Mario Tennis Advance, DK: King of Swing, Gunstar Superheroes

What games are you on the lookout for?


  1. How about True Crime: New York City? I liked the first game and this one looks more improved.

    I’ll tell you what though, January can’t come soon enough for online Metroid!

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with this post. I was skeptical about kuju taking over the advance wars concept, but after seeing those screens I will be very happy to purchase the game now. FE is my end all game so I know that will not disappoint Intelligent Systems rock and Paper Mario helps solidify their contrasting styles. And even though I hate EA, I cannot hate my favorite sport soccer and I am so looking forward to kicking all my roommates arses with L-pool!

  3. Electroplankton, do we have a release date yet? I can’t wait for that, Battalion Wars looks like fun and Mario Kart/New Super Mario Bros should be awesome too. Lets not forget Animal Crossing!

  4. Yes, Animal Crossing: Wild World.
    Dec. 05, 2005

  5. I have the Japanese Electroplankton limited Edition…it’s fantastic 😀
    You can’t play for a very long time straight, but you will pick it up again and again and again and again..
    The game I’m looking forward to the most is Lost in Blue….
    I hope they use the same engine to do a Lost game 😉

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