Infendo Radio is on now! New game get, more trolling, and the Mystery Files winner


It’s all inside, including whether Nintendo has lost their mojo recently and what they can do to get it back. Enjoy the show, everyone. Oh, and don’t shoot the messenger.

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  1. Good episode guys. I am in the camp where I don’t like that Nintendo isn’t bringing out those JRPGs here, but I do have other games to play (mainly on the PS3) so I am not hurting much.

  2. Another great show, guys…!

    On the Jack interview topic: I don’t think it is Nintendo that changed that much, I really think it is Jack that grew up! He probably is frustrated, like many of us, that as you get older you have more responsibilities and less time to play, and we just can’t keep up with all the increasing time these games ask us to invest…

    What gives me that notion is the fact that Jack is enjoying now more the one-minute casual games the iPad/iPhone deliver than the 100-hour adventure and RPG games of old.

  3. Good show, though it was rather 1 tracked. I guess there isn’t much else going on. I don’t think you guys are being down on nintendo, and think the people who say you are are too big of fanboys. For real though I haven’t gotten too many wii games, even compared to old systems. I think my collection has been getting smaller every system. (I have a ton of NES and SNES games) and comparing to current gen I have more 360 games than anything else. Last gen PS2 had more good games. DS though is doing great. I got a 3ds because of the success of the DS. When the DS is phased out the 3ds will be the new platform for handhelds and I think it will do as well, specially with 3d being an option that can be turned off.


  4. Great podcast guys
    Well I agree that Nintendo is being extremely stupid for not publishing the 3 japanese games that everyone wants..The reason for this drought isn’t Nintendo being lazy..They are probably extremely busy developing software for the Wii U.
    Plus I totally agree. The DS is fantastic and probably Nintendo’s best handheld ever.
    I kinda disagree about your thoughts on the 3DS and how it needs that certain game like Wii Sports. I honestly feel that the 3DS is merely a more powerful DS with better Online and improved features and thats not a bad thing. The problem is that its much more expensive and time consuming to develop for so I don’t think it will get as much support as the DS.
    I also disagree with you guys about ios gaming. I have an iPhone and I enjoy some simple games I can play for a couple of minutes but thats it. Much more fleshed out experiences can be done on it but not very well due to the lack of buttons. I prefer the 3DS to be honest and cheap simple games are available on DSiWare. I love playing games like Tetris and Super Mario Land and other simple games. But there are these huge experiences like Zelda and the upcoming Resident Evil game

  5. “Infendo Radio is proudly sponsored by Nintendosforsal…..ahh forget it”

    Seriously though: get fanman Jack on the show as a guest, or any guest for that matter. Mix things up and keep the podcast interesting by inviting other points of view into the discussion every now and then..