Older folk dig tech, portables (Nintendo)

If, upon returning home from work or school today you should happen to stumble upon an older person playing your Nintendo DS, do not be frightened. They cannot help it. The dual screens and touch screen are irresistible to their semi-arthritic, tested by the sands of time hands.

Well, so says Nintendo anyway:

“If you’re planning to buy grandma a fruitcake or silk flowers for the holidays, think again. A new survey conducted by Harris Interactive and commissioned (a big boo to sponsored surveys btw — Jack) by Nintendo of America revealed that 52% of grandparents and 68% of baby boomers who celebrate the holidays would be excited to receive a technology product as a gift this holiday season. And at least half of that group (27% of grandparents and 34% of baby boomers) said they would like to receive a portable video game system, such as a Nintendo DS Lite, this year.”

“Anything but a Zune” wasn’t a category for this survey, but it should have been. Who’s got parents or grandparents asking for Nintendo gear?