Old-school Kirby game coming to Wii this year



Unveiled today by Nintendo. According to Wired, it’ll be a throwback Kirby. You know, the kind where you inhale enemies, assume their powers, then us it against them. Nintendo did not give an exact date, but confirmed it would arrive this year, most likely this holiday.


  1. that game looks f*cking fun.
    def a must play for me.

  2. Can’t wait. Is there going to be a Pikmin this year too? Seems like there could be a few great titles this year.

  3. Wow, so Kirby, Skyward Sword, OOT, Starfox 64, Pilotwings, Nintendogs, Animal Crossing, Steel Diver, Kid Icarus, and Mario Kart all this year.

  4. Kirby sure is getting the Wii love, isn’t he?

  5. can not wait!!!

  6. Omigosh! Totally want that.

    Kinda wish it was a 3DS title, though.

  7. I was hoping for a remake of that Kirby game that was supposed to be for the Gamecube but got scrapped but this is great.

  8. Nice… Looks like I’ll be buying two games this year on my wii.

  9. Hmm… so that project that began on the GameCube… it didn’t die after all. It was just asleep.

  10. At last an old school kirby, I can’t wait for this game to hit the wii.


  12. Kirby 64, The Crystal Shards! Wow, even the sounds are the same!

  13. Better be at least two player. Or else I might have to punt a baby.

  14. I got one thing to say about this.
    It’s time to play.

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