Obtaining Twilight Princess on GameCube

At 9AM this morning, I bought a copy of Twilight Princess for GameCube. I’m playing the title on Wii, but needed to get it as a gift for a Wii-less person.

Arriving at the store five minutes before they opened, I feared a line. Those five minutes were plenty, plus three. Being the first in line, I sat on the curb, read the Weekly Dig, and waited. Two minutes before the doors opened, another guy showed up. Right at 9, an employee in a yellow polo shirt opened the door. I bee-lined it to the GameCube section, which is now the Wii section. A short search later, I found the minuscule GameCube section .. with no copies of Zelda! Fearing an early sale the night before (Circuit City apparently did it on Tuesday), I circled the games section until I found a blue-shirt to help me. Questioning him, he grunted as he stuffed an eggwich into his maw. He abruptly started to walk away, me following. Turns out they were in a box behind the cash register the whole time.

I’m not sure what happened to the other half of the Twilight Princess GameCube launch line, but there are apparently plenty of copies to go around. If it’s out in your territory, did you pick up a copy of Twilight Princess for GameCube?