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Tell us…What’s in heavy rotation for you right now?


  1. I have been heavily rotating FFIV on my Fami Micro.

  2. breath of fire gba here

  3. (please note, my spelling skills pale in comparison to my huge vocabulary…excuse any spelling errors)

    I am perpetually behind in purchasing games so there are some seriously dated titles I am hooked into right now…Tales of Symphonia, RE4 (still have not gotten Krauser in the Mercinaries yet), True Crime (LA cause I don’t have NYC yet), and on and off with the long list of titles I STILL have not finished…MP2 and FF:CC to name a couple

  4. 1. Animal Crossing Wild World (NDS)
    2. Indigo Prophecy (PS2)

    Yep, that’s about it. AC consumes my life… right now.

  5. Mario Kart DS
    Phoenix Wright
    and Ouendan
    are taking turns on my DS. No time for any other consoles with so much goodness

  6. Advance wars ds.. So great, so great

  7. I’m currently playing:

    Paper Mario 2 (GCN) – I got it when it first released, unfortunately I lost interest during Chapter 3 and never finished. I just restarted it on Tuesday.

    Phoenix Wright (DS) – I seriously think I’ve been playing the game on and off for about a month. I remember people saying if you got five hours out of it, that was a lot. They obviously never met me. This is a terrific game.

    Animal Crossing (DS) – I’ve been playing it since its release, and its such a great sim. It just knows how to relax you after a long day.

  8. I cannot put Ouendan down and I’ve had it for months! I just love the music and the game is really challening; the game makes me smile like an idiot when I’m playing! But what else? I just bought Viewtiful Joe last night and it’s a blast! MKDS, Electroplankton, Advance Wars, I got’em all. I’m waiting to open some of my Christmas presents ’cause I know I got Sonic Rush and Animal Crossing; I can’t freaking wait! It’s a goog time to own a DS, it’s probably like, my favorite system of all time! I wish there were more RPG’s though, like an enhanced Chrono Trigger or something. Has anyone heard any rumors? Peace out!

  9. i’ve been hooked on animal crossing wild world

  10. Still hard to pull me away from MKDS and Super Mario Advance 2. Nintendo makes some fine games peeps.

  11. actually Mr. Anonymous, I have heard that a Chrono Trigger remake is in the happening for the Nintendo DS… The maker, the publisher? I heard this from my cousin’s husband who is in an underground video-game society called the Assylum- to me he is a very trustworthy source… because in the summer he told me details about the Revolution that I had to wait weeks for Ign, or any other sites to reveal. Wow I sure hope they do make some good RPG’s like Chrono Trigger for the Nintendo DS, I’m sure they won’t let us down.

  12. MKDS and Super Mario Strikers

    Can’t wait for AC for christmas!

  13. Mario Kart DS, and waiting for more games at Christmas.

  14. I just started to play Ocarina of Time after a long hiatus (thanks to the Water Temple.) I am also playing Phoenix Wright, Mario Kart, a little bit of Animal Crossing, and Ninja Gaiden Black.
    Happy holidays!

  15. I’ve been playing a lot of Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time and after a week or two break from Mario Kart: DS I got back into it. For the most part I haven’t been playing too much. Next up I think I’m going to buy Shadow of the Colossus, Guitar Hero and Animal Crossing.

  16. Stole my friends copy of Metroid Prime 2, so I’m going through that… Started X-Men Legends but I think I’m bored with it. MKDS still has me by the balls, but I’m away from my Wi-Fi home so no multiplayer 🙁

  17. NDS (DS Game): Animal Crossing: WW
    NDS (GBA Game): Final Fantasy 4
    GCN: Super Mario Strikers
    PS2: Dragon Warrior 7

    Animal Crossing is just addictive. I’m playing FF4 to add some FF history to my background (I never played the original). Strikers is just crazy awesome fun whenever I’m feeling like bashing Peach into an electric fence. Dragon Warrior 7 is kind of a “because I feel like it” thing. I never beat it before and, since Dragon Quest 8 is out now, I figured I’d go back and finish it off.

  18. Right now, doing rounds on DDR: Mario Mix (so addictive!), the PS2 version of Resident Evil 4 (which doesn’t live up to the GC version), and just finished Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.

    Now that I’m home for the holidays, my brother is obsessed with Mario PArty 6, so that’s what we’ve been playing. But, I got him a DS and Mario Kart for Christmas, so we’ll hopefully switch to that, soon.

  19. Portable galore:

    Mario & Luigi Partners in time (DS)
    MarioKart (DS)
    Nintendogs (DS)

  20. Phoenix Wright – Ace Attorney (DS)
    Nintendogs – Lab edition (DS)

    The first, becauase i have it rented. The second, well, because I gotta keep the pups happy.

    I got a buttload of video games on my Christmas list, so hopefully my family will come through. If not, Animal Crossing – Wild World and Electroplankton are the first ones I’m getting on my own. 🙂

  21. I’ve been playing Animal Crossing:WW and Guitar Hero. Its like choosing between heroin and cocaine.

  22. Anon- “I’ve been playing Animal Crossing:WW and Guitar Hero. Its like choosing between heroin and cocaine.

    MuffinGal- “AC consumes my life… right now.

    Aint it the truth, guys….Aint it the truth.

  23. Just got FF 4, and I’m trying to do a speed-run with Metroid Fusion(omg xD). Thats easier said than done(even thought it is easier the second time around).

  24. 1. finishing up phoenix wright.

    2. trying to legitimately (i.e., not using a warp zone) beat Super Mario Brothers (on an original NES, no emulators here!).

    3. some warioware: mmg$ here and there.

  25. Nintendo DS: Advance Wars
    Nintendo DS: Lost in Blue
    Nintendo DS: Mario Kart
    Dreamcast: Skies of Arcadia
    Dreamcast: Street Fighter III: Third Strike
    Dreamcast: Grandia II
    Gamecube: Fire Emblem

    Yeah thats right lately i have been firing up my dreamcast, you have a problem with it? Yeah i didn’t think so…….I just got Animal Crossing last night but I’ve been very sick and very busy so i haven’t played it yet. Soon as im done doing my work I’m gonna play Animal Crossing all the way through my sickness.

  26. Mario Kart DS, Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart DS.

    I just can’t keep it down

  27. Mario Kart & Animal Crossing

  28. DS – MKDS, and just started up M64 again.
    PSP – PoPoLoCrois but it’s kind of dull
    PS2 – DQ8 and MGS3
    GCN – XML2, Killer7 and PM2
    PC – Star Craft battlechest, just picked it up for cheap because I hadn’t really ever got into it…

  29. DS – Animal Crossing
    GBM – FF4
    xbox360 – halo2
    xbox360 – nfs most wanted
    pc online – battlefield 2 special forces

    i just keep alternating back in forth lol

  30. DS: Partners in Time
    GC: Metroid Prime Echoes

  31. Still playin Mario kart ds.

  32. At the moment, I am playing lots of Advance Wars DS, and about 6 hours of Ultimate Spiderman DS since I picked that up last night…

    I still play a fair bit of THAS online with my DS – but tuesday night me and a friend had a Shinobi night – that old Megadrive game is harder than I remember!

  33. Mario Kart DS.

  34. Mr. Driller: DS (still trying to beat 1000m without loosing a life, 917m is my current best :-/) plus DOA: Ultimate and Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue on XBOX.

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