Not to be missed: Infendo Radio blows the lid on Nintendo’s next console


Of course, we also discuss proper pronunciation of Ocarina, share a 3DS audio tip, and rank the two DS Zelda games. Enjoy the show, everyone!

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Music: “Donkey Kong Country” by The Greatest Bits and “End of Line” by Daft Punk.


  1. Supa Wii FTW!!!

  2. We put the Donkey in Donkey Kong… Lol priceless

  3. I kinda want the next console to be a beast. I did love the wii but its a cute lil sytem hardware and software wise lol.

  4. This screen on the controller sounds quite interesting. I cannot picture one but when I saw the wii remote for the first time I didn’t really know how I was going to control anything with it.

  5. These dudes are bias as hell! “id be bored if it played like the ps3\360\pc combined” IT WOULD BE AMAZING!! but these dudes support the wii too much!! im sick of not being able to play great games on my wii with on par graphics and real blood! I want grand theft auto i want games that the wii cant handle like bullet storm! Nintendo is a gaming juggernaut and its about damn time the act like it!!!! Im not gonna act like the wii isnt that bad at this point. ITS AWFUL!!! The thing is the wii only OUTSOLD because it was affordable and new but in this day and age its obsolete and gimmicky. I love nintendo and i hope this next system is as jaw-dropping as im imagining it is going to be!

  6. BTJ-

    The word is “biased,” not “bias” (but maybe your cell phone changed the word on you–happens to me all the time.) But I agree with the podcast: I think a Nintendo console that played like ps3/360/pc would be boring. Because Nintendo’s capable of being much, much better than that. Wii didn’t just outsell the others because of price. People loved Wii Sports and MarioKart and all the other great things that are unique to Nintendo.

    Loved your last sentence, though, and I totally agree: I hope this next system is jaw-dropping. But won’t it be great if it’s jaw-dropping in a way no one’s ever thought of before? In a way that makes Microsoft and Sony (and Apple!) wish they’d thought of it first?

  7. -Richard

    have you ever played a ps3? its a much better experience than the its not even really about the price its about the games. When nintendo makes a great game its something that the ps3 cant and never will give you but there aren’t that many games like that on the wii! I have all three system so i know for a fact that the wii should have been better in order to really compete on the level of tech as the ps3 or 360. Just got a 3ds and i think its way better than the wii. what nintendo needs is MORE of those games that are great not just a S load of awful wii games with a couple awesome ones thrown in there. ps3 and 360 have higher quality because of 3rd party support WWAAYYY better online and lets face it the graphics difference… Nintendo sold the hell out of the wii but sales are declining. I really cant imagine what its going to be like but one thing i do know is that its going to put nintendo a million miles in the lead in this on going console war!

  8. BTJ —

    I’ve played PS3, and the best games look and control great. But I still prefer Nintendo’s best games, even on the less powerful hardware. I’ve got no interest in realistic blood, urban settings depicting a dismal view of life, or even realistic racing on realistic pavement. I want fantasy, comedy, great character designs and unique art styles from my games. If I had my own PS3, the only games I’d probably buy would be Little Big Planet, Modnation Racers and the Sly Cooper Collection. And I’d upgrade my Rock Band 3 experience. So, that’s all coming from my personal tastes and I don’t expect everyone to enjoy the same things.

    The updated Shadow of the Colossus will probably be the game that gets me to buy a Ps3.

    I think, though, that you and I agree on more than we disagree on. All Wii owners are tired of stripped-down third party ports. Rock Band 3 is one of my favorite games, and I’m stuck with the Wii version. Harmonix did their best to squeeze as much performance as they could out of Nintendo’s little box–and Wii RB3 plays great–but it’s certainly frustrating to know that the Ps3 and 360 versions look soooooooooooo much better!

    And I agree with your points about shovelware, online, and third party support in general; I’m sure we’re all hoping Nintendo addresses all those matters better this time around.

    I’d love to see Nintendo’s new console outdo the competitors in power, but I still don’t want to see them duplicate the competitors’ lineups. It’d be like going to a fancy restaurant and ordering a steak that tastes like lobster; if I want lobster, I’ll just order a lobster. You’ve got all three consoles, so you’ve got the best of all worlds. It’s cool that you’re rooting for Nintendo, though.

    And I totally agree about 3DS: I’m enjoying it a lot more than Wii right now. But, hey, Wii’s had a good, record-breaking run full of amazing games, and it did a lot to pull the videogame industry out of the “couch in the parents’ basement” stereotype and into the mainstream, and it did it with class and imagination. It’s one amazing little box.

  9. -Richard

    Yes we do agree on many things and i honestly could care less about realism either. My favorite games are ocarina of time and Wind Waker. Wind waker blew my mind when i played it i say its the best nintendo game graphically hands down, i fell in love with the crystal clear cartoon art style. I dont think nintendo will ever rely on the competition for games but im saying is that games like grand theft auto could draw in an entirely new audience. And make those wii bashing bastards eat their words! Nintendo has the opportunity to dominate the console war with the coming of this thing. Nintendo could cater to virtually all audiences if they played their cards right.

    I dont want to be limited to just low quality ports of games i have on a more powerful system. Nintendo is a smart company they know what they need to do to destroy the competition, yes destroy. They have to give to what the consumer wants. I really hope this exceeds my expectations (which are ridiculously high!!). I mean streaming a game through the f@#kin controller sounds sick! I’m probably going to sell my wii and 360 to get this! Ive started saving already somethings coming out for sure so i’ll be ready early. Richard its good to meet someone whos willing to actually voice their opinion.

  10. For the most part, I have to agree with BTJ. Here’s what amuses me about this argument though: Everyone is acting/talking like the graphics are going to be the amazing part!!

    I know it might seem unwieldy (in concept as opposed to in design since, you know, we haven’t actually seen this yet) but we are talking about a controller, with a built-in screen (POSSIBLY/PROBABLY HD) and the ability to stream full games to this. And the size of this screen is massive! I mean, take out a standard index card, and lay this on top of your 3DS. This alone is bigger than the 3DS, and the screen is supposed to be bigger than that!

    On another forum we were discussing how the next console could/should stream content to the 3DS where you can play games in 3D and still not need those annoying glasses. No one has said whether or not this console can/will only stream one game to one or more controllers. I mean, imagine if your new console became a “game server” streaming multiple titles to multiple devices!

    Again, I hear about this “new” “controller” (input device) and don’t understand how people can say they are worried Nintendo isn’t going to be innovating this generation. I say they will not only be innovating, but in such a way NO ONE will be able to nay-say this one (other than sheer, unadulterated bias or Nintendo hate).

    My $0.02.


  11. I feel cool when I play my DS in front of other people…

    Truthfully, the PSP makes me think of immature little boys that I see on the Disney TV shows my little sister watches. The DS line makes me think of classy people in coffee shops.