North America: get ready for the quircky Tomodachi Life on 3DS


Nintendo has surprised us with a Tomodachi Life Direct. Tomodachi is the Japanese word for “friend.” The game will be populated by Mii characters you import from your Mii Maker, scan through QR codes, or receive through StreetPass encounters. Imported Miis can be customized in many ways, starting with a unique voice and ending with a detailed personality. The Miis then join any others in the strange and unusual world of Tomodachi Life. “They meet up, they become friends” and they may even fall in love.

Watch the full Tomodachi Life Direct above to enjoy the shenanigans of Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata, Bill Trinen, Eiji Aonuma, and more as their Miis come together in the game to fight over girls, sing in a musical, and generally goof off. It’s only 11 minutes and is full of so much strange humor, I can’t imagine you won’t get a kick out of it. The 3DS title will arrive in North America on June 6.

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