3DS has a chip dedicated to…what?

Like fog? According to a rep for D3 Publisher, who are hard at work on 3DS title Dream Trigger 3D, the 3DS has a built in chip dedicated to building in-game fog effects. This fog chip should thrill anyone planning on making a lighthouse simulator for 3DS.

All joking aside, I don’t exactly know why this was needed, but I hope developers start putting it to use right away regardless. Imagine the fog appearing to roll out of your 3DS screen as you explore the forest section of a brand new 3DS Zelda title. It may also be helpful in FPS games that make use of smoke grenades. Heck, even a game like Fifa could find use for the chip by making Santiago Bernabeu stadium have a rolling fog as Christiano Ronaldo dribbles down the pitch.

What games would you like to see use the 3DS built in fog-o-nator chip?

via [Destructoid]
source [Siliconera]
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