Nintendo’s Gaming Weapon: Wiimote

NewsFactor reports: “Nintendo hopes the Wiimote will bring new gamers into the fold, people turned off by the complex gadgets, buttons, and controls that other high-end games rely on. ‘To a certain degree, it’s going to do that,’ said Gartner vice president and games analyst Van Baker, ;There are a number of people who are somewhat attracted to gaming, but they’ve been put off by how difficult the top-tier games are to learn.’ That said, Baker does not see the Wiimote as the spark that starts a revolution. ‘Do I think it will be an order of magnitude? No. A slight expansion of the market, probably.'”

After some in-house, hands on time with the Wii, do you think it will in-fact be a revolution as Nintendo hopes? Will non-gamers really want to buy the console, or will they be content for only a few short moments while we gamers push it on them?