IGN says Nintendo has problems with Wii Sports

IGN suggests that Wii Sports (or most of its games) are weak sauce when played for extended periods of time. From the article: “Nintendo clearly has a lot of faith in Wii Sports… But I’m not so sure. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had the chance to log several hours into the compilation of games and I’m not entirely convinced that these mini sports outings work as well as Nintendo hopes, prays and maybe even believes they do… In my experience with Tennis and Baseball thus far, the controls seem to suffice half the time (and the experience is fun) and in contrast feels broken the other half (which really takes away from any enjoyment you might try to sustain).”

Matt did have some nice things to say about Wii Bowling, however, calling it the most fun and best controlled game in the pack-in.

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  1. Andrew G. says:

    This review doesn’t scare me that much, because I’m not dying to play it (considering it’s a pack in). I do wonder why Matt decided to wait until now.

    Oh well. I hope Nintendo has some good stuff in store for us with Wii Sports that Matt and Bozon were not able to experience when they put in their hours. Though I will say that Iv’e been excited about Wii bowling since I watched the Wii experience video of it on Wii.com.

  2. Jake says:

    Ah, well. at least I’ll have Twilight Princess!

  3. morningstarrising says:

    Reminds me of some reviews of Mario Party.

    This game isn’t exactly one to play by yourself. It’s like a board game.

    Yuo don’t play it by yourself..you play it with others and that were most of the fun for hours will be at.

    If you play by yourself..you fail the Wii.

    Not to say there won’t be games you will play by yourself(and playing by yourself is fun too).. IT’s why we got Zelda and Mario and Red Steel.

    But Nintendo’s “Blue Ocean” is about making new peopel to play and the only way that will happen if we get them to play together with others.

  4. mis says:

    Dare I ask Jake, would that be the GC or Wii version?

  5. popdem says:

    I must say, a lot of people play boring ass shit like solitair for hours and it captivates their craniums. Something like this is bound to draw people who don’t find complex gaming fun but don’t mind a simple movement to screen translation. Don’t let one person speak for everyone. I’ll even go so far as to say that I probably wont enjoy playing this a lot. I know some people surely will though.

  6. Dan, thegamerboi says:

    I’m surprised you even dignified this latest MattSpeak with a posting.

    Honestly? I’m starting to get real sick and tired of Cassamassina, and this latest little pants-wetting of his doesn’t score points with me. If he really understood Nintendo’s new strategy and the overall point of the title, “Wii Sports,” he would see that the emphasis is less about ‘hardcore nerdom’ but more about making the game industry fun again, which is something that it arguably hasn’t been for quite some time.

    I’m a hardcore gamer, I’ve stood by my GameCube, I had a GBA just like everybody else, but it wasn’t really until the DS (not to mention the GBA import-only ‘Bit Generations’ games) that I really began to fall in love with gaming all over again. I haven’t been this hooked on games, or Nintendo for that matter, since the 8-Bit days of playing on my NES, and the only time I really put my DS down is when it’s time to recharge. That’s saying something.

    My point in fact? Not only has Nintendo remained the best game company in the business, but they’re just as good now, if not BETTER, than ever before. The DS rocks, Wii is going to rock, I really have no concerns.

    Let Cassamassina do his best ‘poor man, Charlie Brown’ and sit in a corner. Real gamers know where to find the real games.

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